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Accused deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh-fired Illinois Representative- declares war on small businesses and families over conceal carry laws. Calls on fellow pro-gun hysterics to boycott small businesses in towns crafting any gun legislation. Takes a big man to bully mom and pop businesses, especially in this economy. I guess old Joe secure in holding his small hard… gun in public is more important than these people. can’t imagine why he wasn’t re-elected? Tells audience to shop in wealthy Lake Forest instead. Sounds like tired old Joe is for sale, or just needs attention. Does anyone know if and how much the NRA or Illinois Rifle Association might be paying him to sell guns in Illinois? Not saying I have direct proof he’s gettin’ paid. Just asking an innocent question.

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The Chicago Teachers Protest Rant: Warning, adult language

I won’t even bother to challege any of these WIND right-wing talk radio whores to a debate. They always chicken out. I have challenged personally, Glen Beck, Michael Medved and Dennis Prager to a debate on the issues, on any issues, but they refuse to accept the challenge. The same challenge is levied upon Steve Cochran, Jon Howell and losing representative, Joe Walsh(I make the offer because I’m a gentleman, but I have a hunch your both little more than fake radio bullies).

So during the protest yesterday, in which between 4 and 6 thousand turned out in response to the proposed closing of 51 schools, the loss of thousands of jobs in already critical neighborhoods and the upheaval of thousands of kids and their families, WIND’s host apparently couldn’t find a suitable argument, so he dusted off the regular right-wing dirge. he blasted the teacher’s union and protesters for disrupting traffic, because we all know traffic is far more important than education and children. How dare they interrupt the national priority of buying and selling widgets. We need widgets, god dammit, and the constitution can go to hell as long as there is a buck to be pimped. Nevermind that the future of widgets, and the next revolutionary design in widgets comes from the students in these schools!

But Cochran, a pork loin in urban cowboys boots, a fake tough guy who wouldn’t leave his house without having the nipple on a gun to suckle from, is part of what is wrong with the media in general. There are too many paunchy white guys who fellate guns and the bible to a dim audience of tell-me-what-to-think-bots as a means to confirm their bigoted obsequiesness.

Cochran, who can’t let anyone forget he was an extra on some forgettable b-movie from the low Nineties let a caller get in a joke about CTU president Karen Lewis’ weight, with a knowing chuckle and a pretense at surprise. It wasn’t. There is an unwritten rule in talk radio-let the caller make the point you can’t. Teasing today’s show, Mr. Pork Loin made a comment about Lewis’s weight again, because that’s how Righties tackle issues-though he’s likely just a hired self-serving whore-oh, wait, that is the definition of the Right-wing media these days. They are bullies, pure and simple, and sadly people tend to side with a bully…for a while. News flash, it doesn’t look like Cochran has been missing many meals. Looks like he’s getting the normal 7-8 per day.

Same for his pontificating morning masturbator for tough-guy politic, John Howell, who dragged out the don’t tie up traffic cliche this morning. Howell, the divorced guy who defends “traditional” marriage, like Cochran, and the can’t-pay-my-child-support, dis-elected Rep. Joe Walsh, all talked about how the schools are broke.

“A school system that’s a mess,” blathered Cochran, “it’s broke, it’s running a billion dollar deficit this year.”

But the morning hypocrit Howell, tied together all three of the blowhard’s message assignment, per their corporate string-pullers, revealing that what’s needed is school choice, vouchers and charter schools. And there is the key. This is not about the children. Racist gum-beater Walsh, whose own Youtube exposed mouth ran him out of office couldn’t care less about the black, poor and minority children soon to be dispossessed.This is about moving education over to the corporate controlled world, in which they can be fed exactly what the corporate Right wants them to believe. It won’t be about education, but about servitude for the poor kids and advantage for the wealthy.

But here is the lie they either are too self-proselytizing to care about or don’t want you to know. The schools, unlike what Cochran and Howell regurgitate over their deeply jaundiced airwaves, are not broke, they’ve been robbed! Tax Increment Financing sprang up around the city, and now siphons hundreds of millions in property taxes that would normally go to schools. Controlled without oversight by the Mayor, these TIFs are they are called go to fund pet projects and rich corporations. They were intended to revitalize blighted neighborhoods, and encourage local business to bolster taxes bases and offer local jobs. The Chicago Board of Trade is hardly blighted territory. A gourmet food store in Greek Town? Target and Jewel? Hyatt next to McCormick Place? really? REALLY?

That money could save the schools slated for closing. But again, it isn’t really about education. It isn’t even about kids going to privately and corporately owned schools(will we eventually have team names like the southside “Citibanks,” the westside “Starbucks,” and the Evanston “Olive Gardens” football league?). It is about control. It is about who controls the economy, the wealth and the message, and the Right has always pushed that in ways both sneaky and obvious. On WIND they do it with three fake tough-guy slags.

Will they respond or debate me? No way! I am the Leftie that scares the crap out of equivocating frauds. I had guns, hunted, I’m a FOID card holder, I’ve been to war, have a stable marriage without fearing the gays, a white guy who believes it is high time to take a step down in favor of the necessary voices of women, minorities, other genders and the environment. Most alarming of all, I tell the god-damned truth, which the right can no longer find in their crippled souls. So bring it on boys. I am waiting.

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