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On Love…(excerpt from upcoming Revolution and Beer book: TOMFOOLERY IS NOT A GUY FROM TEXAS, Riffs and Rants from Post-Republican America)

the mooksI’m collecting perspectives. That’s all any of us can do in coming to an understanding of what love is, which is fundamentally what the issue of Gay Marriage comes down to; Love and the hierarchy of love. That is, which love is valid, and with is not.

So, if in a truly Christian society, particularly one in which not only the Bible is contradictory, but even the most boisterously pious of men ultimate are judicious in what in that book they will adhere to, and what they will not, we are left with perspectives. So it becomes a mandate for each of us to collect perspectives on the world, and to weigh things not just in the balance, but upon a broader, deeper understanding of love.

I suppose that’s the way to come to some better comprehension of the word, as it is as elusive as defining a day without explaining the rotation of the earth, the waxing and waning of shadows, of morning dew, the urgency of fulfilling each final moment before sunset, or donning a sweater against an evening chill.

How does one comprehend the wind from a single pale word? In it there is limited comprehension for the gentlest of breezes against a humid morning, the rage of a tornado, a howling blizzard wind or the gust that stands out a flag to its fullest glory. There is only a hint of consideration in the word “wind” for the clap of a full sail unfurling, of the thundering surf rushed towards a pristine shoreline, the rattles of trash through an alley, the frosty whistle through a gap in the window.

Words fail us, and the heart fails us more. Not in the wish for love, but in the arrogance of ego that we truly comprehend its scope. Young lovers exalt in its electric rush, sweeping them headlong towards the uncertainty of love; to be swept over into the abyss where they are lost, or to settle into something that lasts a lifetime. There is the love in a child’s needing eyes, love in the betrayal and sorrow of a broken heart and an argument, and love in the adoring gaze of a pet.

There is love among friends, between lovers and among enemies. The desperate, dying and downtrodden find love in the rescuing eyes of those who would comfort and save them. Some find love in a glass of wine, or in a wonderful meal, others in the whisper of a sunrise or the majesty of a moment. We love our work and the passion of a cherished painter, or the brilliance of a favorite writer, or in diversity of all things. Many find it in the grace and goodness of god, but who’s god? What form god takes is entirely one’s own definition, and that definition informs their perspective or lack of perspective on love.

Defining love might be the fools way out. No, better to come to it as a science of sorts, in which there will never be a proper or simple definition, but rather a deeper knowledge and understanding…

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Breaking: Glen Beck derides medal of Honor recipients, compares Afghanistan to the Wounded Knee Massacre. Says Obama is giving them out like Pez. Here are the facts.

Just moments ago Radio Host Glen Beck, following an interview with draft dodger, Ted Nugent, in which they mocked child victims of gun violence, accused President Obama of “giving them out like Pez,” the candies dispensed by a small toy. Beck and his on air staff, drew a comparison to the Wounded Knee Massacre of Lakota in South Dakota, december 29th 1890, resulting in the deaths of as many as 300 civilians. The army awarded 20 Medals of Honor. The army still has not withdrawn those medals. Beck attempted to couch his words, but continued with the remarks, as a means of impugning the President. Instead, his words were a direct and complete insult to the service and sacrifice of Afghan veterans as a whole, and medal of honor recipients. And once again, he was completely wrong, or worse, misleading to his audience, which has shown a penchant in the past for accepting his irresponsible and dangerously uninformed opinions without regard to the facts.

Beck and his staff further mocked the bravery of MoH recipients, saying that nearly all of the awards Obama gave were to living veterans, when in the past, according to Beck, they were given posthumously. In fact during the 8 years of conflict in Vietnam, 1965-73, there were 248 awards given, with 156 of those posthumously.

Begun during the Civil War, the nation has honored some 3400 men and women with the highest award given for bravery and sacrifice during war. There have been 7 MoH recipients from the 13 year long conflict in Afghanistan. 2 of those were awarded by President George Bush. There were 4 given in Iraq by Bush, and 2 by President Clinton for the Somalia operation, which lasted less than a year.

Glen Beck is frre to give his opinion to the wind and any street urchin that cares to listen while he pontificates from his filthy soapbox, but the public airwaves are just that. No one will take away that right. He has no constitutional right to be on the radio, particularly with this sort of irresponsible blather and partisanship.

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Revolution and Beer…of the week: Hirter Morchl and harmony

IMG_0371Hirt. I’ve been through the town, back some years ago. Tucked in that storybook region of south-central Austria, within site of the alps. The town is on the Ljubljana-Klagenfurt-Vienna line. I’d just come out of my first trip to the former Yugoslavia, still mired in conflict. Exhausted but tortured by all I’d experienced and witnessed, my gaze was fixed out the window on that overnight train to Vienna.

The hills and mountains were lost to darkness and the reflection of my face in the window of the small, empty compartment. There were but a scattering of lights in the distance. Hirt was one of those ocassional places. I can’t recall if the train stopped there or not. What I do recall was the soft, almost sweet scent of the chilly autumn air through the window, juxtaposing with the struggling floor heater near my sore and tired feet. My shoulders still ached from the backpack perched on the seat opposite. I luxuriated in a cleansing breath and felt those last days and weeks wash from my body and soul. Last night, as I poured a glass of Hirter Morchl, an elegant but not overbearing dark Austrian Lager, the scent of the beer reawakened that moment on the train.

I’d barely chilled this beer. I actually prefer darker, fuller beers at not much below a comfortable room temperature. Too cool and I feel the aroma of the beer is subdued, and with it the taste. The craft and artistry of these beers is their character. I want that. I want to explore that. I also want a nice controlled and foamy head in a good beer. Silly as it sounds, I want my nose in that soft head, where I can fully and deeply breathe the beer in. Hirter Morchl did not disappoint. So that’s where I began with Hirter Morchl, that caramel-tinged head. It didn’t remain for too long. It shouldn’t, instead withdrawing into the body, or remaining upon the sides of the chaliced glass in tatters. Beer aficionados dub this lacing.

There is a harmony to European trains at night. The rhythmic clunk-a-clunk, the slow cradling, lolling of the train coaxes sleep or deep thought. As the Berlin wall was coming down and Europe in the course of a fundamental revolution, I travelled Europe by train almost exclusively, much of it in Eastern and Southern Europe. The uncounted and untold hours and days I spent writing, daydreaming, lamenting and exploring for almost two years were a university all to their own. A world happens on European trains; politics, romance and more. Unlike trains in America, European trains are community. I always liked to think that the European Union was inevitable, if for no other reason than for the ultimate community drawn East to West by trains.

At first taste, I found its gently fruity sweetness giving way to the a nutty, chocolate and dark malt depth, saved at the end bit a hint of hops, just to remind me this was beer and not silk. This is a pleasant, hardly overwhelming beer reminding us that, while not gone, the darkest and coldest days of winter are behind us, and that spring awaits. We’ve bested winter once again.

The train arrived in Vienna the next morning after a rain. The streets were soaked and glistening. The long tall avenues, imbued with a timeless history, fully open to the fiction of one’s fantasies were rendered in hues of blue and gray. A soft, cold drizzle still remained. I shivered at a chill. Despite a night without sleep, I was fully refreshed, a consequence of the train, alpine air the luxury of unfettered thought: Harmony. From the first taste of Hirter Morchl I found that same harmony.

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NRA Absurdists and Gun Proliferation in America: time to debate the Ninja Amendment?

This Sunday from 8-9am, Our Town and Revolution and Beer on Chicago’s Progressive Talk, WCPT invite you to join us for the first real and honest debate on reasonable gun control, the Second Amendment and the proliferation of guns since the Newtown tragedy. Many are calling this issue a mental health issue and not a gun issue. On both the Left and the Right the rhetoric around the mental health issue has taken a dangerous, wrong-headed, uninformed and regressive tone. The debate over guns in general has taken a decidedly perverse turn.

In fact, within a week of the Newtown tragedy, the NRA’s long awaited statement, following an unusually long silence, was in a word, absurdist. Their answer to the tragedy was not reasonable gun legislation, or even reasonable gun debate and responsibility. The NRA, instead, as a way of prevention for the next Newtown or Columbine was more guns, forcibly armed and trained school teachers, or roving gun-toting guards for every one of the nations 138,900 schools. Militarize the schools!

It is an easy sell to a knee-jerk trained populace, particularly on the Right.A trained man with a gun would certainly have a deterrent effect on a would-be gunmen intent on mayhem, right? But the money-changing marketing on the Right, like the effort by the gun-lobby and the NRA to use these stories as a way to accumulate cash through fear, is flimsy at best. That’s why they have to shout at you, or cajole you through fear and hysteria or false sincerity constantly through the Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs or Mike Gallaghers in the media. That’s why they have consolidated and dominated fully their concentrated and fully one-sided message in the media. Drive, as I have done many times,through the south and you will be shocked at the proliferation of pro-Rightwing propaganda, and the absolute desert of unfiltered information.

But under any reasonable thought their absurdist ramblings of the Right and the NRA fall apart quickly. For example, who will pay for the 400,000 sainted and trusted armed guards for our schools who will be necessary to guard multiple entrances, recess, open and large campuses and the fat target of would-be gunmen of masses of kids going to and from buses? Or do we require all kids entering and leaving school straight to secured vehicles to serpentine to cover? All of those armed guards will need sick days, vacation days, mandated lunches and breaks, right? Who will pay that enormous bill? More taxes? Is the Right and NRA now arguing for greater taxation? What would the tea party say?

First and foremost, the ultimate flaw in logic with the gun pimps and absurdists deals with the gunmen themselves. Not a single school gunman has been stopped or brought down by police or anyone else with a gun. They usually kill themselves, or occasionally surrender. Always the would-be gunman comes prepared to shoot, often with greater firepower, more ammunition and body armor, whereas those who may confront them are always reacting.

Perhaps then we’ll simply engender an army of volunteers. Who will oversee and screen them? What if they don’t want to volunteer anymore or one day? Do we use the unemployed as free labor? How will they look for work on school/business days? Or maybe we arm teachers. Would we then require teachers to be armed? As part of teaching degrees would they be mandated to take firearms classes, and pack a weapon to every school and every class on everyday? I could make a joke about how well-behaved classes would suddenly become, but is that the reality and environment we want our children to learn in? Talk about a loss of innocence! 20 children died at Newtown. Does the arming of every school in America now victimize its 55 milliom-that’s million students? http://www.edreform.com/2012/04/k-12-facts/

So, in keeping with that, or in keeping up with the absurdity on the Right, I am proposing what I believe to be an equally workable, and perhaps even more practical solution to the gun issue: 900poundgorilla and Revolution and Beer propose THE NINJA AMENDMENT for school safety?ShinobiNoMono

Ninja’s are all privately funded, apparently. Never have I been at a job and said, “Hey Bob, what are you doing for the weekend?” only to hear, “I’m a part-time Ninja on the weekend.” So, it would seem, there would be no liability to taxpayers. A guard with a gun is also very apparent walking the halls of our schools, whereas a Ninja would drop unseen from a ceiling, burst from a locker or spring from a trash can above, behind or beside the gunman. A gunman could likely hear return gunfire and concentrate his heavier weaponry in hallways or stairwells with little or no cover. A swarm of silent Ninja stars could drop an assailant in the blink of an eye. And there are never costly funerals for Ninjas. Ninjas take care of their own. You’ll never hear a tearful relative at a ceremony lament, “I told Dave this whole Ninja life-style would catch up with him one day, but he just wouldn’t listen.”

Share this with friends, and ask them to send this post to your Congressman and Senator in Washington, the NRA, President Obama and Vice President with a respectful demand to sponsor the Ninja Amendment if they insist on the absurdist course Washington, the Media and the NRA are currently on with regards to guns and our children.

Contact the NRA: https://contact.nra.org/contact-us.aspx, and call, 1-800-672-3888

Contact your House Representative: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Contact your Senator: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Email President Obama here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/fellows/contact

Contact Vice President Biden: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact-vp

Stay tuned for the exact wording for the proposed NINJA AMENDMENT.ninjacatva11

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Gender and Revolution: The World from the Outside

I grew up in small towns in the 60s and 70s. There were four types of people. There were boys and girls, which could then be safely and neatly subdivided down into kids and adults. You were a kid until the age of 16, when you could legally drive and hold a part-time job. From 16 to 18, you were kid-ish, until the time you could order a beer, vote and join the military. From that magic stroke of midnight on your eighteenth birthday, a literal blink of an eye, where only a second before midnight you were legally a child, you became an adult.

Somewhere, during those seemingly formative and all too confusing and frustrating adolescent and teen years we take agency in the further sub-divisions of the assumed realities of our lives and our world; Race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexuality, gender.

Where, as young children we were cloaked in the paradigms of our parents, or the principle adults in our lives, we begin to fashion or challenge those paradigms to fit our perception of reality. We either reject, redefine or redouble those assumptions and paradigms. No small part of that is the rigidity of culture and society, channeling us into a larger paradigm. The constructs of culture and society provides necessary structure, but it can also be a trap. And whether you are an ardent defender of the unwaivering status quo or a radical revolutionary we struggle against  our own innately limited perspectives.

I am no different. I have, and continue to struggle with my own perspective of the world. I do battle daily with assumptions and prejudices that seem to out-pace my desire for better perspective and understanding. In my defense, I have learn to stop mid-judgment and scrutinize my ignorance, tearing  at issues from every conceivable angle, often out loud in the car driving my wife to work in the morning before she has had her coffee.

“How are you that awake?” she frowns. “I can’t think until I’ve had my coffee.” 

On tomorrow’s show our guest will be Rebecca Kling, a trans-gender woman, whose autobiographical book, No Gender Left Behind, http://www.rebeccakling.com/ is one of the bravest and most honest books I’ve read. Our show is called Revolution…Revolution and Beer. But what do the experiences of  a trans-gendered woman have to do with community activism and revolution? It is a valid question, at least within the narrowest constructs and assumptions of society and gender.

First, revolution, at least the positive revolution that preserves and defends individual human rights and dignity, in a sustainable system is not possible without properly enfranchising and including all people in that communal definition of freedom and dignity. And second, no innovative and lasting change is possible without gaining the power to intelligently and sensitively deconstruct the conventions, assumptions and constructs of society, religion, economics, sexuality and gender.

Rebecca is a dear friend, and we have worked together in the theater, but I have lots of friends, all of them far more brilliant than I, but I don’t have all of them on the show. I found something critically important both within and behind Rebecca’s story that I thought merited a greater discussion. That is that gender is fundamental to each person’s identity. The scope and temper of that identity is profoundly imposed by society around us, but also from within us. All too often people stop at their own perspective on gender as defined by their individual reality, and the influence of society around them. The essence of positive change and lasting dignity-based revolution is about shattering all of that.

Reality is a potentially dangerous trap. Whose reality is being defined, and from what perspective? Philosophically there may be absolute realities, but we may never, as sovereign and autonomous, and separated beings, ever truly comprehend absolute realities. Our reality is our own, and ends at the limits of our bodies. It is when we recognize that limitation, and accept the perception of reality for others that we begin to collect shared realities. And that, I hold firmly is the cornerstone of a truly dignity-centered community, and the beginning point for lasting and a sustainable peaceful and positive revolution that humanity so badly needs right now.  

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Unemployed(sort of): a Diary-day 8, A slow start is still a start

Excuses, excuses, but it seemed the week through everything in the book at us. First Rocco, and then our two primary computers going down, but this is precisely the time folks are at their most vulnerable. It isn’t enough to simply throw money at the issue, as in the back of my mind is that whole rainy day thing. The time to start thinking critically about budgets and necessary expenditures is well before that final day at the office. Ana and I began slowing down on our spending well before Christmas, mapping out strategies and contingencies. I was concerned about the loss of one computer, but our back up laptop(say that fast three times) was a real blow.

Most of us have been through tough times. I can’t think of a more difficult time in my life than when Ana first got here from Europe. To say it was a struggle was an understatement, and it it seemed as if the world was bullying us. It seemed as if the world was intent on destroying us, for all the trials and calamities that came our way, including a tire coming off the car while we were driving. The world wasn’t conspiring against us, of course, but when your back is to the wall every challenge becomes a moral one.

We’re in a far better position to weather these storms now. Not that I’d like to necessarily press that luck. This time our nearly new Honda is paid for. We’ve got assets to lean on, if worse comes to worse, and I like to think we’re a bit smarter. I know Ana is. I hope to hell I am.

My job skills and experience have certainly grown. I benefited from working in the IT field, doing logistics for a major airline, and innovating an industry alongside an awesome team. Indeed, innovation and communication were cornerstones of the job. Working in real time with stations and costumers around the planet required precise management and communication skills. There is an art to issue resolution and working to goals and deadlines, in which millions of Dollars hang in the balance across oceans, continents and among diverse and different cultures. With media, social media, broadcasting, publishing, I have a great deal to offer an employer. Now the key will be in finding that best fit for them and for me.

But the preparations for a proper job search can be immense. I think that’s why I found the national conversation on the country’s debt these past two years sometimes ridiculous. As the nation plunged into the dark and uncharted abyss of a very manufactured financial crisis critics decried taking the nation into debt to stem the damage to the overall economy. Sometimes it is the only thing to do. I’m first to argue against that foolish notion that the country should be run like a household. It isn’t a household, and besides, the people who say that talk in platitudes about their checkbook, and how dutiful they are to pay the bills monthly to balance their account. Somehow they forget they probably have a car note, a mortgage and more, and if they don’t have any of those things, they are among the very few and aren’t a part of the real conversation.

For the job I want, it is going to cost us something up front. I’ll have to chance a little debt for a few new and contemporary suits, particularly since I’m about 30 pounds, much leaner and in far better shape that I was for the 4 suits I could swim in now hanging in the closet. I’m good on ties, and thinking about an interview-ready pair of shoes. The computers, or at least one of them is imperative for a modern job search. Luckily it was fixable for not a great deal of cash, but I was very seriously prepared to spring for a new or rebuilt system. Funny that we have all heard the old saying, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” It is true. All those partisan geniuses in the media and government somehow missed that old adage.

So earlier today I got off the first serious queries to prospective employers. There were just two. They were based off a tip from a friend. I did the requisite research on both, using industry acumen building an argument why I would be right for the position, highlighting pertinent experience and background for each cover letter, and tailoring the resume to each position if necessary. That final detail, I think, is a weak spot for a lot of job seekers. The cover letter is viewed as this malleable tool, but all too often it is as if the resume is written in stone. With a bit of computer know how, a bit of copy/cut and paste and alignment knowledge, a one or one and a half page resume can be reworked in 10 or 15 minutes.

Tomorrow, the importance of maintaining a schedule, and the best recipe for perfect sweet potato fries…

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Unemployed(sort of): a Diary-day 2

It’s about spirit. The first thing Ana and I did the day I got laid off was to celebrate with something positive and affirming. There is a spiritual and psychological aspect to transitioning careers, and that is exactly what it is. You are not losing a job and being cast off to a great void. This is an in between time. You’re in between careers. The only real question, and this is where the stress comes in, is how long that in between will last.

So Ana and I collect art, and we’d been eyeing this sort of odd and interesting and whimsical southwestern piece at a friend’s upscale resale shop, a little place in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood called Euphoria. Gus, at the shop, called it “The Hobbit House.” 105_3142It wasn’t an expensive piece. We weren’t blowin’ the wad, so to speak, but simply setting out to define the character of this transition. It didn’t hurt, and it came as a nice surprise that Gus was having a 15% off sale as well. 

Truth of it was, I had some time to think about this  bit,  and to some degree, at least as far as timing I was also an agent in the decision to stay with the project until the final day. On the radio show just before the presidential election I done an interview with a reporter in Freeport Illinois, where workers at the local Sensata plant were being thrown from their jobs after Bain Capital sold off their profitable factory to China, forcing the workers to train their Chinese replacements. Nor was I a worker at Hostess, in which management virtually looted the company then blamed the demise on unions.

The first thing I needed to get was perspective. At 50, in the current job market, and with congress’ head deeply buried up their fiscal ass, gaining a proper perspective can be daunting. The fact of it is, everything I’ve done I have done well and with passion and integrity. And I have done just about everything: Journalism, advocacy, Public Relations, Relief work for Africa, war correspondent in Bosnia, author, logistics, management, bartender, international business, union laborer, non-profit organizer, and radio host. The final week at the project my buddy from WCPT radio in Chicago, Mike Sanders, called and asked if there was anything he could do to help, and what would I like to do?

“Let me think what I haven’t done yet,” I replied. “I think I’d like to do that!”

But the key was evaluating my situation. Right up there on top of that list is, obviously, the financial situation. Ana has a good job, but that allows us to tread water, and not get ahead or save, and certainly puts us in jeopardy of some unforseen calamity. The car, a nearly new Honda, is paid off. A decent severance protects us for a bit. Unemployment insurance will become a necessity for a time, but still cuts our financial margin too short for comfort. On the good  side, at least in the short-term, I know our assets (income) and liabilities (costs) to the penny. First priority; adjust the budget to reflect the new income level. 

Think out of the box a bit when it come to finances. It may seem antithetical, but instead of recoiling financially, we are taking a risk on becoming a bit more aggressive about changing our financial realities.  Apart from the day-to-day of getting resumes and cover letters, and the follow-up and research required in each job query. We’ll be dissecting our complete financial existence, from the mortgage down to the grocery budget to better understand opportunities. We are moving forward. Money is an abstract and a tool. It is an odd dichotomy, but the idea that our economic realities are malleable rather than static, shifting sums of physical money is fundamental to opening the imagination to opportunities. 

The next step is the toughest of all. An honest and complete self-evaluation of strengths and weaknesses is critical. Like any issue in every business environment we have one of two choices, that is to be reactive or proactive. Without a doubt a prospective employer will hit upon a weakness  during the interview process. Not that weaknesses, necessarily are some crippling or shameful affliction. We all have weaknesses. The interviewer will have weaknesses. The key is that you understand your weaknesses and have a plan, a pro-active plan for working on, around or past those weaknesses. I think back over jobs and job interviews, and it was my summation and direct confrontation of my own weaknesses that was as important  as the skills the employer was looking for. Proactive rather than reactive.

There was  one more thing I resolved not to do during this in between period. It came to me on the way to a strategy meeting for the HelpHouseChicagoHomelessPeople 501c3 I helped start. We’d just gotten word that Bank of America is liquidating hundreds of foreclosed homes in Chicago from their books. But throughout the meeting I had this nagging thought that I could luxuriate with a nap later on that afternoon. The thought was seductive. Ana was at work. The house would be quiet, but such thoughts are a trap. And if I do it today, I will do it tomorrow, and the next day and the…

Instead, I went home and built an excel spread sheet to begin the job search in an organized and methodical way. More on that tomorrow…

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WHEN: January 3, 2013, 12:30 P.M.


Father, Jose Landaverde from Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Catholic Mission wants to know why the U.S. President, Mr. Barak Obama can have a new law for “Hardship Waivers” to by pass congress and reduce the stay of immigrants who are forced to return to their countries of origin for U.S Citizens who have immigrant family members who have been deported to reduce the time for immigrant visa reapplication to as little as a week in some instances for individuals who over stay their visa and are given 3 years before they can apply for a 6 month overstay and 10 years for a one year overstay on their visa application, yet our President does nothing on the deportation of the 11.1 million undocumented which face the same problems and risk of being murdered to save their lives and grant them access via a Moratorium on the deportation.

Are the lives of human beings in the world equal in value or are immigrants worth more to the U.S. government when they are with families of U.S. citizens? What are you doing to be compassionate to human beings throughout the world Mr. President? Are you trying to get foreign born people murdered?
In God’s name we ask that you immediately have a Moratorium on the Deportations to save lives, and reunite families!

Contact: Fr. Jose S. Landaverde 773-512-8015

This post courtesy of the Occpy Chi Press Team

Wayne LaPierre says America must do everything to protect first responders. All firemen should be armed! If New York firefighters had carried automatic weapons instead of firehoses to burning building…

Gunman who ambushed firefighters killed grandmother in 1980, police say

By Jason White, NBC News

The gunman who ambushed four volunteer firefighters, killing two, in upstate New York had spent 17 years in prison for beating his grandmother to death with a hammer in 1980, police said.

William Spengler opened fire on the volunteers as they responded to a blaze just before 6 a.m. ET in a small cluster of homes along Lake Ontario in Webster, N.Y., police said …The two injured firefighters, Theodore Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter, were being treated for “significant injuries,” …An off-duty police officer was also injured when he was hit by shrapnel after his car took bullets to the windshield and engine block…After the shooting, the fire grew to engulf at seven homes and one motor vehicle…

Excerpted fromhttp://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/24/16125861-gunman-who-ambushed-firefighters-killed-grandmother-in-1980-police-say?lite=

 And that is the absurdity of Wayne LaPierre’s statements following the Newtown CT. shooting. The simple logic at a dozen differnt points is absent from the NRA. The very least of which is, shootings happen everywhere in this society because of the proliferation of guns, and  a sinmplistic attitude regarding them. The culture does not accept them as a tool but as a symbol of defiance and autonomy, which they are not in a civil society. those who content we are not a civil society, and that we must have more guns, beacuse in the 21st Century only the threat of violence will compel us to better humanity, are as dangerous as the  street-corner gangbanger. Reasonably guns may not be the problem, but they are certainly part of the problem. The failure to acknowledge that fact discredits the NRA fully as first an unbiased critic and ultimately as a group possessing intelligent or productive insight.

Connecticut Shooting;On finding perspective

I was flying home from Germany as all this transpired, the murders of 26 people, including 20 children at the Sandy Point grammar school in Connecticut this morning. First I heard of the news was as I climbed into a cab from the airport. There is an arc to these stories, these mass  shootings, which happens in this country far too frequently. Of course the perspective is that in a country of 320 million people, running 3000 miles by 1800 miles wide, your chances of encountering this situation are far lower than your chances of winning the lottery. But, some people win the lottery.

The arc is that we’ll be over-saturated by inanely detailed coverage. Information will be repeated again and ag ain, until the anchors and a few opportunistic politicians feel the need to politicize the tragedy. They’ll amp up the rhetoric; guns good-guns bad. Gradually the filters and respect for the dead and grieving will come off and the victims transition to pawns. Both the Left and the Right will use the issue, which is never really about guns, to assail each other. They’ll drag out the victims and puppet their tragedy for the game of politics. It will be bitter and cruel and filthy. Most of us will be disgusted, some of us will realize that this sort of arc only damages substantive debate and discourse of some of the very serious issues surrounding events like this. There is no intention among the politicos to actually solve this issue, or even to move closer to a resolution. To do so would rob them of their vaudeville show and the wealth they derive from that theater.

I have strong beliefs about a host of issues regarding the tragedy today at that school. Fans to this page can find those views easily enough in the archive. I will not air them here. Not today.  No one should tolerate the puppet dance to victim porn of the corporate  and partisan media. Turn them off. In such a moment the country should  take time to mourn, or to take stock, and it should do so in quiet. The reason they shout and pound the table, or tease trauma is to rob the nation of the introspection inherent in silence. They do not want you to think deeply, to reach into your soul for truths and perspectives stymied by their noise which wants you to react blindly and instantly-knee jerk. They understand only too well how easily shock can be manipulated, and exploit it at every opportunity.

But turn off the media for a while and listen to those truths. They are there. There will be time enough for outrage and even politics, but not now. For now it is more than enough to grieve. we will discuss this. We will argue and fight this. We may vehemently disagree, but those will be tools for the future. Until then, and to insure the tools we employ in this issue are the best and clearest possible, a little perspective is critical.

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