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Alert!!! The Chicago Teacher’s Union Crime wave

See if this sounds a bit familiar. This morning, as the first day of the Chicago Teacher’s Union Strike began, Police superintendent McCarthy announced he was canceling time off and pulling police officers off desk duty in anticipation of the coming crime wave brought on  by the strike. Yep, the police department is gearing up to protect the city folk of Chicago from the teenage and adolescent ne’er-do-wells unleashed by these thoughtless commie teachers who have the audacity to demand better working conditions and benefits. In good fashion, the strike by teachers in walking shoes and sandals, surely a dangerous lot, awakened the massive police state apparatus mandated with keeping us all safe from the perils and confusion of freedom. The horses were called out to maintain control over this horde, should their belligerent assertion of constitutionally protected rights provoke the police. and of course we all know what happens when that takes place, and a sudden assault by the police evokes terror. Why, terror by civilians is an assault against the police and the corporate power they protect-the ones that gives us jobs, and obesity, and cheap goods made by children in Indonesia, and diabetes inducing high fructose corn syrup, Bp oil, Goldman Sachs and Chase Bank. You know, the good guys.

Seems as if I’ve seen this before…when was…oh yeah, when citizens with a legitimate interest in petitioning the government over secretive NATO agreements regarding billions in cash, while people were suffering, jobless and poor in their member nations. Without being allowed to utter a single word, even if any news organization would have carried it, the message was crushed and buried in a virtual lockdown of the city. From the police to the news media Chicago was besieged by fear of vast unprecedented violence by Occupy and anti-war protesters.

So what is the teacher’s protest about? You’d better find out today or ask a teacher. The media right now is slow to react, but the reaction will soon be only too predictable. The police will manufacture a threat. The media will inflate it beyond proportion into a din of fear and hysterics. it has already started. “We’re preparing for the potential for violence and crime amid the teacher’s strike,” we can hear the chief say. “What violence, who’s committing crimes,” cries the media. “We just want to be prepared for that possible scenario,” says the top cop. “It’s the black and Mexican kids, those gang bangers. They’ll overrun the city won’t they. What should good god-fearing people do?’ the media will screech. “It’s all about safety, that’s all. Rem ain in your homes and only leave when necessary to forage for food, just don’t miss any must-see TV, and if you must go out, only travel in packs of as many white people as possible. Carry flashlights, whistles and energy bars,” says the wise old chief. “And guns. we need guns, and bullets and lots of them,” says the  watchdogs of the media, “remember, guns and the Second Amendment are all we have between us and the First amendment.

“Man, 7 teens charged in downtown muggings”…but Occupy was the real danger(sic)-A venting


“…a series of muggings carried out Saturday night by groups of attackers, including one that left a visitor from Michigan hospitalized with a broken jaw. In the first attack, a group of young people beat and robbed the 40-year-old man in the 500 block of North State Street just before 10 p.m. The victim, who was in Chicago on business, according to a relative, was treated for a broken jaw…A second attack, which police believe to be unrelated, occurred about 30 minutes later near the Lake/State Red Line station in the 100 block of North State Street. A couple was accosted by an unknown number of suspects near the Chicago Theatre…Police received a report of a third attack near Navy Pier, but police couldn’t provide the exact time of the attack.The attacks occurred as city officials were preparing downtown for the upcoming festival season…”

But recall just a few weeks ago that Occupy Chicago and those crazed anarchist anti-war protesters warrented thousands of Chicago and State Police, as well as hired mercenaries, out of state cops, the military, FBI, Secret Service, a drone, dogs and scores of private security in a great panic that virtually shut down the city. WBBM “News” anchor John Cody, the functionary propagandist for corporate America was positively aroused  at the idea of blood in the streets by the so-called Black Bloc. hundreds of police were marshalled by the city to isolate and encircle protesters who were dressed, as dangerous hooligans often do, in sandals and Birkenstocks while waving Peace signs, rainbow banners and singing(all your big criminal enterprises and n’er-do-wells are like that). And while some of them certainly showed a healthy and vociferous disdain for this Armageddon-like overkill by authorities more interested in silencing debate than defending rights, there was no violence at all before the heavihanded assault by auithorities tasked with crushing democratic and constitutionally protected protest.

These peace officers-peace officers-PEACE OFFICERS in riot gear, with clubs and guns, tear gas, on horseback and military-style and choreographed tactics CRUSHED HUNDREDS AGAINST WALLS AND WINDOWS, which thankfully did not turn out numerous casualties or worse. When those frightened and aghast citizens-guilty of nothing but speaking against the government and corporate power abuse-remember that bullshit they fed us all in gradeschool about freedom-when those citizens sought to defend themselves, they were attacked and bullied, their defense offering excuse for continued assault. They were students, children, the elderly and middle-aged. There were old women and pregnant women, veterans, christians, Jews and muslims guilty of no crime, and yet they recieved assult and attack and denunciation as if they were Nazis or common criminals.

And so where is that heavihandedness now, with actual criminals, assaulting innocent people on the streets of downtown? Why hasn’t the Loop been declared a Red Zone for crime? Why aren’t businesses shuttering and closing against the mere threat of mob action? Why is there no extra security and searches at the metra station as there was during the NATO summit? 

Garry McCarthy laments that there isn’t the overtime and manpower to adequately meet the issue of actual crime in downtown Chicago. Funny, there seemed to be ample manpower and overtime for use against protesters. Dozens of bike cops were assigned against Occupy protesters for the adacity of maybe showing up outside a bank or a politician’s office with a sign or to shout at them…god forbid they should be subject to the crime of heckling.

This, to be clear is not an attack on the police. Rather it is a marker for exactly the priorities this nation has about law enforcement, and the priorities it assigns to dealing, not with the criminal but with the victim. It isn’t about protecting the innocent from the abusive, but about defending the powerful from the 99%. To quote the late Mayor Daley, “the police are not here to create disorder, they are here to preserve disorder,” by protecting the wealthy and powerful.  

For all the law and order Righties, this hypocrisy ought to enrage you to the core, but considering the perverse turn the Right has taken-their post 9-11 hysterics now turned fully into a narcisistic psuedo-theistic sociopathy- they will make some sad equivocation fully at odds with reality and the position they held yesterday. they will argue that the police are just keeping the streets clear for traffic and shoppers-implying of course that the constitution-at least the First Ammenedment is secondary to pedestrian right of way and traffic flow. Of course, ask for the slightest reasonable conrtol over the gun they are currently masturbating with and they will scream that the state is oppressing them. See the difference?

Whew! That feels better…

Impediments of Change: Tiananmen to Chicago, part 1

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