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An Apology for Donald Trump

I would like to apologize for the blatantly racist tactics of Donald Trump, the birthers and those who are pandering to this foolishness. How many white politicians have been asked to prove their legitimacy? Washington had a British accent. Indeed, all the founding fathers were born citizens and subjects of a foreign country.

I will reference Trump’s Press conference, in which a Black journalist rose to ask a question. Trumps reply was that he was an obvious Obama supporter. To which the journalist replied, “Why would you assume that?’

Why would he assume that? Because the guy was black like Obama? What other criteria would automatically provoke Trump’s response? Later Trump remarked that Blacks support Obama to an “alarming degree.”

Trump got his way, much to the enjoyment of the racists in this country, who are still there, just slicker about their message. Once upon a time we use to call people like that smart asses, but I digress. The proverbial white guy got the colored boy to dance and look the fool, or so he believes. It is his, and others like him, it is his racism, couched and polished and veiled as it is that has been dragged out into the light of day, precisely where cockroaches loathe to be.

Thing is, they dirty and defame all white people who eschew such filth, even as we fight against endemic racial attitudes filtering through the culture and humanity constantly.

I have long-held that racism is a part of every soul, like greed and revenge and gluttony. But these things the balanced and contrite soul struggles to put away into those darker parts of each of us which we understand are antithetical to proper human relations and decent well-mannered society.

Trump, FOX and the birthers, unleashed and cultivated for years in the American media, have allowed and lost themselves in their basest urges and ignorances. They have deepened divisions between people, defining white and black and brown America as an us and them concept., and for this, on behalf of all decent white folks, I deeply and remorsefully apologize.

Trump Presidential Run: Really not that shocking

Really, fellow Dems and reasonable Republicans, are you really that surprised that FOX and the basest elements of the Tea Party would champion someone like Donald Trump? I mean, this really isn’t about Trump. It’s about the media’s self-feeding vaudevillian approach to the true problems facing the country and the world. It’s about legitimizing boorishness and anti-intellectuals  by media  creations(Pick a network, Left or Right) that are nothing more than hybrids of op-eds and Jerry Springer, culled by corporations and wealthy politicos to facilitate the looting of the American treasury and the implicit power and privilege that comes with all that.

American Trinity: Is this what weve become?

There has been a coordinated and concerted effort to make this society just as vapid and dulled as necessary to keep us nominally functional enough to buy their crap but not smart enough that we rise up and tear down the abusive and perverse power structure in this nation.  It has succeeded in turning working people against their own interests and against one another, while the power elite luxuriate in their own filth.

It isn’t just FOX. It began with this whole housewife/mother cult exalted by personalities like Oprah Winfrey 20 years ago who led the charge for more family friendly news. She was the vanguard of a movement to make the news more relevant to our daily lives, giving us recipes and shopping tips instead of all that irrelevant news, you know like about that crazy bearded guy skulking around Afghanistan. What was his name? Been Ladel, Lin Baden… oh who cares. What’s the new hot restaurant this week?

The education system has been continually degraded, while mindlessly one dimension entertainment has increased exponentially, driven by a consumer addicted society gorged on cheap imported crap. The vaudeville media spins us in circles, confusing the ethics and morality of the day. It decries the decline of the middle class through the export of jobs overseas, and then extolls parasitic companies like Walmart for helping those same folks make ends meet through their cheap imported goods! It complains of high unemployment while those who  sit on their boards, or advertise with them are the ones responsible. It cries like chicken little over national debt but belittles those who would remind that their vast fortunes are as much a privilege for living in this nation as the healthcare they coldly accuse of being no thing more than a privilege. And we gave ourselves freely to all this, confusing cynicism for intellect and sarcasm for reason. That is the ultimate price of our over- entertained and under-educated souls.

As for the news, as for information in this society, it could not  continue unfiltered. Not if the thieves could get away with their crimes(how many went to jail, were arrested, fired or sued over the financial catastrophe of this country?). But the truth is the truth, unless it is not the truth. By that I mean the ultimate assault on truth is  to degrade the quality of all information, so that nothing is certain and nothing is believable. The easiest vehicle for that is the exploitation of fear and the assault on human interaction. Trust noone, fear everything. The base Right believes everyone who disagrees is a Commie or a Socialist or a terrorist animated towards the destruction of all we Christian home-bred patriots believe in. On the Left, everyone on the Right is a fascist and a racist. When there is no truth we cling to the tribe that best represents our accumulated fears, ignorances and hates.

We have become a society striving towards the least common denominator. We endeavor to mediocrity for the first time in our history. We abandon Walter Cronkite for Sean Hannity, Space exploration for Youtube, literature for Atlanta Housewives and cuisine for McDonalds. We believe more in market- crafted TV personalities, believing that through their scripted words and catch phrases, their focus-group beliefs and Madison Avenue image, they hold some special monopoly on the truth. We cheer caustic red-meat statements like mangy mutts, believing it rescues us from our emasculated selves. And then, when we wake up from our media fostered stupor, feeling foolish at being the happy dupes we once were, chin deep in our collective waste,  fighting each other for paltry scraps from above we ask how someone like Donald Trump could be taken seriously as a presidential candidate? Really not that shocking.

 Not that I have an opinion on the matter…

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