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Freeport, Bain, Romney and the Big Quiet

Romney slipped this one past the pundits and fact checkers. Factcheck.org was absent. Obama barely put up a fight. The networks, well we know who they work for. But there was one group he couldn’t get the truth past, but those folks have been silenced, just as surely as if they’d been censored.

Here’s the deal. I’m a novelist. I write literature; musing and observations and commentaries on the human soul. The last few years I’ve had less and less a chance to pursue pertinent forays into the human psyche because my country is in trouble.  Not socialist/communist the deficit is too high trouble, but 1920’s Germany sort of trouble. There, fervent nationalism was promulgated by this sort of willful ignorance of the general population, as long as there was someone else to blame. It was not the Nazis or Adolf Hitler. An entire population does not get off that easy for all that transpired in the ensuing 2 decades up to and including the Second World War.  Hitler and the Nazis were  opportunists, and conductors to the orchestra of nationalism. The national press in Germany at the time were their willing propagandists.

Before you think I’ve gone too far in bringing in the Nazi’s to this, it’s important to establish precisely what I’m referring to. First, nationalism is a template. It works exactly the same every time, in every place and in every culture. I saw it first hand in Miloshevich’s Serbia during the break-up of Yugoslavia and in Rwanda during the genocide. For better than 20 years I have feverishly dissected nationalist movements the world over, in dozens of different cultures, from Mao’s Cultural Revolution to Hezbollah.

Simply, this is the template for ardent nationalism:  a willing Press, and a complacent population create the fertile environment. secure the Press then establish a victim demographic, an external threat, an internal betrayer and establish an ideal. For the Nazis it was true Aryans as the victim demographic, communists as the external threat, the Jews as internal betrayer-the so-called morally corrupt bourgeoisie. Today, in America, traditional American values(white people) are the victim demographic, Islam and European Socialism the enemy and Liberals the betrayers. 

In support of every nationalist movement is a complicit Press. It is either fervent in its capacity to ascend to absolute banality, or eager in its willingness to subvert all but the power elite. The venom and vitriol the media levelled upon the Occupy movement indicates a complicity, if not outright conspiracy to abscure necessary truths from the American people, at the very least. And so we come full circle to the Vaudevillian theater of the Presidential campaign.

“You said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years,” said Mitt Romney during the October 3rd presidential debate, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grQTuIYnreg&feature=youtu.be

So where is the Press, when he clearly lied to the American people. Romney knew full well, when he made that statement that his company, Bain capiltal was shuttering a profitable plant in the iconic midwest town of Freeport Illinois. For history buffs, you’ll recall Freeport as the site of the second Lincoln Douglas debate in 1858, and arguably the place where, in a misstatement Douglas split the Democratic party over slavery and paved the way for Lincoln to win. It was dubbed the Freeport Heresy, which perhaps is appropriote to Romney’s, shall we say, misstatement during the debate.

Romney’s company, from which he made $8 million last year, that’s $8 million, $8 million, bought Sensata Technologies, a profitable company( a very profitable company) and is shutting it down, which will all but bankrupt and destroy Freeport Illinois, not to mention the 170 who worked there. They are sending it to China for no other reason in that “more” is a never-ending concept. More is never enough. More is the soul of greed. Indeed, they had the American workers train their Chinese replacements. Just 40 minutes south of Janesville Wisconsin, Freeport is practically in Paul Ryan’s backyard. http://investors.sensata.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=210277&p=irol-homeProfile&t=&id http://www.pbn.com/Sensata-3Q-in-the-black-but-9-mo-a-loss,62007?search_filter=sensata+technologies&sub_type=stories,packages

Romney and Ryan are right, and Obama is wrong. America is failing. Not because of its people, or  through some endemic penchant for socialistic narratives, like welfare, social security, medicare or national healthcare. America is failing as long as it refuses to stand against the abject and perverse abuse by companies like Bain and their champions like Romney and Ryan. It fails as long as Americans passively accept the propaganda and manipulation paraded as information and news. It fails as long as all of us collectively act as if freedom and democracy  are spectator  rather than participation sports. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/10/13/1144033/-American-flag-taken-down-in-Freeport-company-outsourced-by-Bain

Burn it down: Occupy and the 2012 Election

As a writer it is imperative not to be beholden or completely devoted to any movement or cause. A writer must maintain some distance, as no other calling will exalt or condemn a writer like the revelations of an enlightened future.  I was passionate about the Occupy movement, and in the ranks throughout the NATO protests, because there was and remains common cause against the perversion that corporatized militarism represents. Particularly when military budgets are untouchable even as social programs are being eviscerated.

I still believe the movement, and those within it have the power and in many cases, the vision to transform the nation towards a more humane place consistent with the ideals of men like Martin Luther King jr. 

Which brings me to a critical point where I differ with the Occupy movement. I believe that it has lost sight somewhat of itself. It is poorly provisioned to combat a corporate and status quo media aligned quite purposely to denounce and destroy it. In Chicago, where it was bullied and bloodied by the media and authorities, it has retreated, lost focus and focused its energies more on imprisoned martyrs than on the sorts of challenges to authority and corruption for which it was originally enlivened. During NATO it was co-opted to a degree to personalities who drove policy and messaging and then abandoned the movement, and finally it is arriving before the elections with talk that fundamentally stands at odds with the original spirit and strength of this movement: diversity. 

Please be clear, this is not a conscious policy decision on the part of those still in the movement, and who still undertake work and protest in the purest heart within the community. But there is talk of opting out of the presidential elections, and of burning voter ID cards. Burn it down! Crash the system! If the powerful won’t concede, overturn it all! Raze society to the ground and rebuild it anew!

And while from a philosophical level, I can see their argument, I fear in reality the movement is marginalizing and isolating itself. A small group within the movement espouses that, but within the movement, much smaller than at its peak, when it conservatively sported hundreds of thousands of activists, and many times that who sympathized with the movement, that is a strongly influential cadre. The causes Occupy championed remain, but now remain un-championed by Occupy any longer.

The arguments for and against taking part in what have become money and media driven elections are substantial. Occupy had an opportunity to get out the vote and support substantial candidates from within its ranks, such as Ron Varesteh in California and Green party candidate Nancy Wade in Illinois. the sheer numbers they were able to rally last fall would have made them a force to contend with and would have won them the fullest attention of both parties. the poor and minorities found a partner in Occupy, and could have benefitted from joining in a substantial voting block powerful enough to overcome money interests and to maintain precious and hard-fought voting rights for those minorities. Sadly that hasn’t happened.

Perhaps no group in America understands the precious nature of the right to vote better than the African-American community. Certainly no other group in America, except perhaps hispanic and latino voters, is experiencing such a naked assault against those rights. The Republican party and the Right, tacitly and blindly enabled by a misinformed white majority, mean to interfere with or revoke in any under-handed, backdoor way it can the ability of Blacks and minorities to vote in this election. By burning their voter cards and refusing to take part in the election process Occupy is ignorantly supporting the white fear spread by the status-quo media, not maliciously or consciously, but most certainly. The Occupy of today is hardly as diverse as it once was, and that narrowed perspective is problematic.

This right was only part of a centuries-long struggle from the bonds of slavery. It was bought and paid for in untold lives, black and white-but mostly black-in blood and tears and lynching, and spirits eschewing defeat and oppression in hopes that one day those rights would be theirs, secure and protected by law. Despite any argument that might be offered, I think it is unlikely that the black community would ever easily relinquish or withdraw from that right. 

Occupy, in this short-sighted and narrowly focused potential action, is unconsciously playing to the status quo and putting itself directly at odds with those minority communities that should remain as allies and comrades towards common justice. It is not too late to chart a more productive path. We are still the 99%. We are still a force. rather than millions holding up burning voter cards is disdain for the process, those millions should raise those cards high and demand to be heard and properly represented in the loudest and most sustained voice possible.

Unspoken Truths: Bain, Romney and the latest Obama Campaign Ad

Don’t bitch. If you backed away from the Occupy movement and threw money  at Democrats ahead of the presidential election out of some pragmatic retreat to make  sure Obama got re-elected, or because it was time to “face reality,” believing that if one side has super PACs then we have to fight fire with fire, or if you threw in the towel about campaign finance reform and the repeal of Citizen’s United, you’ve got nothing to bitch about. If you are a Republican, you can shut up as well. The hyperbolic vitriol that has become and that is the campaign on both sides is exactly what you get when you concede perverse nonsense such as money equals free speech.

This week a super PAC supporting the Obama campaign, Priorities USA Action released an ad placing blame against Romney for the cancer death of a woman who lost her health insurance after Bain, Romney’s company, closed the company where her husband worked. The Kansas City based GST Steel declared bankruptcy and closed in 2001. Romney claims he was not in control of the company at the time, but FCC filings offer a different perspective, clearly showing that he was in control of the company.

In the ad, Joe Soptic, who worked at GST when Bain took control says, “When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care and my family lost their health care. And a short time after that, my wife became ill. “I don’t know how long she was sick, and I think maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew that we couldn’t afford the insurance. And then one day she became ill and I took her up to the Jackson County Hospital and admitted her for pneumonia, and that’s when they found the cancer, and by then it was stage four. It was – there was nothing they could do for her. And she passed away in 22 days.”

The Right reacted with predictable outrage, calling the ad despicable. Rush Limbaugh mocked Soptic on his radio show today. No doubt in the coming days they will attack every aspect of the story, the man and his family. But the argument is a thin one, particularly in light of the veiled re-hashing of the birther issue in the anti-Obama film heavily promoted on  Right-wing radio called “Obama’s America 2016” is little more than a pro-Romney ad parading as journalism by former Reagan Whitehouse functionary and zealot Dinesh D’Souza.

But the ad speaks to a deeper truth, one that the Occupy movement championed and working-class and the poor have known only too painfully. While politics and big business  are a game to the rich and powerful, the true effects of that game, hidden by a complicit or gleefully dumb media are too often written in the lives lost to those policies.

So a factory is closed. Too often it barely merits a mention on the nightly news. If it does, the cold facts report ten, thousand laid off, or twenty thousand jobs outsourced overseas. Missing are the lives of men and women who may not have the capacity, who may be too old, to whom resources  aren’t easily accessible, or  are unable to tear up lifetimes invested in a home. all too often it is the elderly, those of limited means, perhaps invested and over=extended to provide an education for children, or at the age of retirement when their insurance and the pension they worked for their whole lives is suddenly and legally taken from them.

These  are the people, many tens od millions of Americans for whom the loss of a job or insurance is a devastating event that may take years to recover from, may lead to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and choosing a meal over a needed medical checkup, the electric bill over a meal as despair becomes a cruel indignity to honest hardworking people who lost their jobs and livelihoods not to normal or unforseen economic cycles and calamities, but by strategic takeovers, manipulations of the law, greed and uncaring financial gamesmanship.  

When I visited Sarajevo at the height of the Serbian siege, thousands had died of sniper and artillery attacks. Unreported and uncounted were the elderly who froze to death, starved to death in their homes. Untold children died of malnutrition. Hundreds, perhaps thousands died during those 4 long years of disease.  They were not shot or killed by an overt act of war, but were dead just as surely. 

Is there any difference when a company like Bain takes over a factory with the express purpose of carving it up purely for the financial gain of a few. And when a town is decimated by that closing, when someone like Joe Soptic’s wife dies for what amounts fully to greed, who is responsible for that death? If a couple must choose between heat and food because their retirement has been stolen and they succumb to pneumonia or the effects of cold or malnutrition, who is responsible for that, when the act of ending their retirement was a fully unnecessary and wholly self-serving act? If a mother and  child cannot properly afford pre or post-natal care because her healthcare was discontinued so that a few  stockholders could afford a bigger house, a fancier car or another European vacation, and the child dies, or suffers, who is responsible for that?

Interestingly, and sadly, there will be American’s who are unsympathetic to the pain of men like Joe Soptic, and maybe America needs to confront that darker side of itself to understand the stakes, and those who would lead us down a wholly inhumane and unrighteous path. Perhaps that’s the tactic; to draw out the extremist Right and push Romney into the corner with them, clinging to nakedly cruel, short-sighted and unAmerican positions from which they cannot escape to hide behind the lies, confusion and innuendo they have cloaked themselves in up to now.

Evil and the Colorado shooting

In the wake of the Colorado shooting the word and concept of evil are likely to be used as a tool of the Right. It becomes the end of an argument. The gunman was “pure evil.” What is to be done with evil in that case? It can only be eradicated, for there is no negotiating, co-exicting or appeasing evil, only defeating and destroying it, in society with regards to crime, in dealing with the Iranians, your political opposition. It begins to rob you of true freewill. The word is initself a falsehood and a means of control.

Evil is, at it’s core a lie. It is the antithesis of the truth, and since truth can be manipulated, interpreted and degraded the line between evil and truth is terribly thin. The lie is certainly as old as mankind, undoubtedly the symptom of negotiations between our selfish souls and wants and desires of others. Separated from one another by the needs of the body and the ignorance of the mind we are certainly suffering the legacy of those first lies, and, hence, their inherent “evil.” We may also be suffering the echoes of the first recorded lie.

There are few words as misused or misunderstood as the word Evil. For some it is the embodiment of the worst the human heart and mind can conjure. To others it is a living thing, an ethereal essence or spirit that tempts and persuades us to cruel and selfish acts. Some believe that Evil is its own power, one that must be crushed and driven from the world. To those who eschew that belief, evil is a misnomer, a cartoonish way of describing a process. Some believe that strength and force are the only means of confronting evil, while others hold that if it can be dissected, and understood, that the roots of “Evil” can be treated or diagnosed before causing greater harm.

What is the nature of evil? Where does it come from? If a person does evil then we are left with but a few possibilities. That is, they are either seduced, are tricked, or are too weak to resist evil. If that is the case then someone or something ultimately must be responsible, and since the devil, or some dark specter, is not liable under the law we are left to judge the human perpetrator or accomplice to the evil act. If some one is under the influence of evil, is it something akin to a coercion, a trance or a drug? In that case, if they are control as if they were a puppet, are they truly laible for those actions? Finally we are left to ask if a person is evil? In which case they either succumb, fail to resist, or act upon that inherent evil quality. And who decides who is evil, partly evil, just a bit evil, and who is a bit good, partly good and good?

Does it require a catalyst, like a spark, or a particular environment to rage out of control? Can it be synthesized, controlled, vaccinated against or used commercially or for warfare? Some might argue that war is the attempt to harness evil for one side against the real or perceived or concocted evil of an enemy. Certainly the very word is a generic term, an umbrella word covering varied and even necessary evils. It also describes innocuous things, like an evil smell, and the like. Is sadistic evil different from abject evil, manipulative evil, genocidal evil and many others?

But the critical mind eschews the cartoonish conept of evil, which is all too easily  coward to in ignorance and fear. But the world is not trapped between light and dark, just as no person struggles with good and evil. We struggle against our inherent selfishness and the complex processes of our lives. Learning to comprehend the processes of the world leads to enlightenment and our best hope to one day intervene ahead of tragedies like that in Colorado. Failure to learn surrenders us to the control of those only too willing to manipulate our ignorances.

6 members of the Walmart family controls as much wealth as the bottom 30% of the nation(that’s 90 million people), and still they ask for more. They have done more to destroy small town America, crushing small businesses, driving down wages in America and decimating American manufacturing by cozying up to Chinese and Asian sweatshops to bring the Americans they helped impoverish goods those Americans can only afford at WalMart. Pure genius, except that it is evil, unpatriotic and inhuman. The world needs an international constitution and bill of rights detailing global labor rights for workers, strict limitations on corporations, including sovereign voting rights by citizens to dissolve corrupt corporations, and it needs an international minimum wage standard. It isn’t about hating wealth or being anti-success, it is about morality and the future of the nation, and do we as citizens control the nation together, or cede our freedom and autonomy to a small group of self-concern people with ultimate regard only for themselves rather than moving us all as Americans and world citizens forward. Read The Last Man. This. This is exactly what I was writing about. Take back your country, Americans, or lose your future forever.





Language, Limbaugh and forgetting: How would we deal with his comments on Sandra Fluke in 1922?

Language changes. What meant something a decade ago, or say a ninety years ago almost sounds like another language nowadays. But I think even in 1922, Folks would have alot to say about Limbaugh and the way he treats women. Afterall, so-called men, like Limbaugh and his defenders, long for a simpler time, a time when women and minorities knew their proper place.So what would they say in 1922? I wonder…I wond…

Sure was a goose of a day, and my dogs was killin’ me. I tell ya, mac, I’d ankled it from downtown and needed to give my stitlts a break. So I slips into a corner juicejoint and bellied up to the bar, This bo comes up and gives me the once-over real good. He weren’t no pushover either. A real grand piano, this one, arms like tree trunks and a head like a Christmas ham. No weak sister, this fella.

“Whaddya have, mac?” says he.

“Gimme a beer,” says I, thrown’ an ace up on the bar.

I eyeballed the joint. All the usual saps, and a rummy in the  corner, no doubt already zozzled.

“Everything jake?” asks the bartender

“Better days.” says I.

“That so?”

“Butt me, say I, and he flips a hopechest of Lucky Strikes on the bar.

“Lucky’ Strike means fine tobacco,” says the bird.

“Indeed,” says I. “Indeed.” 

Now normally I don’t know from nuttin’, but see, I was all balled up about this wisecracker I’d heard on the radio. See this bimbo named Limbaugh, or some such, lit into this dame, name a Sandra Fluke who’s got the goods on contraception and a woman’s freedom over her own body in front of Congress. The Bees knees, she was, no weak sister. So I tells this lug behind the bar about how this Limbaugh mook starts spittin hooey from his big fat kisser. She’s a  floozy and a quiff, says  that milquetoast, Limbaugh. A pro-skirt, he goes on to say, a real bearcat. It was all the rumble in the papers.Had all the news hawks buzzin’, I tell ya.

“Applesauce!” exclaims the bartender. Just then a mulligan hoofs it in, and gives the joint the once over, sliding these thick peepers back up his long schnozzle.

“You’ll be watchin that sort of language,” says the Mulligan sternly, in typical brogue. So he comes up to me and he says. “Got a beef, do ya?”

Now I ain’t no hard-boiled guy, especially in front of a gumshoe, but I says, “Joe, I don’t know you from adam, but see here, I say this Limbaugh fella beatin’ his gums about that poor dame, well, that just ain’t copacetic, you see!”

“I know my onions,” says the Mulligan,” and I tell yuhz, that jane ain’t no chunk a lead, and she certainly ain’t no floozy. I been around this here block once or twice. She’s no dumb dora, and if that Limbaugh fella was on my beat, I’d sure give him what  for.”

“A real Airdale, that fella,” says the bartender. “an ethel, if you get me?”

“Now you’re on the trolley, old boy!” laughs the mulligan, settin’ his blue cap on the bar and running fingers through his wavy red hair. “Why, I’d take off this here badge and step into the gutter and, and, and I’d…”

“Clobber him?” says I, gettin’ a bit carried away.”Right in the kisser!”

“Well, now, boys, don’t mean to come off as some sort of bruno, especially with a daisy like this Limbaugh mook.”

“Flim flam man, that one,” says I.

“A fake-a-loo,” agrees the rummy in the corner.

“Use to be a time in this here country, a fella beatin’ his gums about a decent jane like that Sandra Fluke would end up with a Chicago overcoat.”

“At the working end of a Chicago typewriter,” says the grand piano behind the bar.

“Now see here, boys,” scolded the gumshoe. “This here is a land of laws. What you’re talkin’ is a load of hooey. You’d do well to mind your potatoes,” says he, with a knowing wink and a sly grin, “Now try not to get yourselves worked up into too much of a lather, boys, but I sure do know how ya feel. That Limbaugh’s off his nut. That’s for sure.”

With a tip of his hat, the mulligan skeedaddled. I’d had enough too and asked the bartender which way to the john.

“This fella’s got to iron his shoelaces,” I grinned.

“That a ways,” says the bartender.

As I ankled it across the bar he calls out to me. I turned, already at the door to the crapper. The rummy was snoring away on the table close by.

“Hey, mac, this one’s on me,” he says pushing the symolean back towards me. “Besides, can’t make change from a a buck for just one beer.”

“Keep the change, mac,” says I. “You’r on the level. Good folks need to take care for one another, and put the screws to them high binders in Washington and grifters like Limbaugh”  

The mook gave a smart nod and waved the ace in the air. “I’ll be lookin’ out for ya, mac…

Ah, remember the good ole days?

A Better World not a New World

I am often ask what the Occupy Movement wants. The Movement has clearly made its intentions and demands known, for those who wish to hear or read. For those who do not wish to know, nothing I write here will convince them. Their own realization will come with time, especially for poor, middle class and even upper middle class people who continue voting against their own economic and social interests.  I do not speak for the movement. I support it fully, and believe in it, but I can only speak for myself.

A recent conversation brought up a crucial point, and what I feel is a fundamental misunderstanding with regards to the movement, at least as I see things. The conversation began regarding so-called anarchists, agent provocateurs, and others who might foment violence within the group, and how that might alienate people who are on the fence regarding whether to support or not support the movement. My immediate reaction, was that if they could “go either way,” they didn’t really understand, and were unlikely to understand what the movement is about. These people are reeds of grass, and inclined to blow  where the wind is blowing, which is hardly a character of people who stand by their ideals. I stand by that.

I was then asked how these people “will fit into your new world?” New world? The media has carefully crafted a narrative on how the Occupy movement is violent and out of control. It would have their hostage audiences believe the “Occupiers” hate success, want hand outs from the government which are ultimately stolen from the wealthy, that it wants banks eradicated and corporations dismantled. In that narrative are shades of Pol Pot’s pogroms in Cambodia, or resetting the social and economic clock to year zero as with the French Revolution, and overt comparisons to Stalinist Russia. Nothing, nothing could be further from the truth.

Last night, at a general assembly, I witnessed an intervention between two members that nearly came to blows in a fight. The intervention was carried out in parliamentary fashion, with strict rules of oder. Grievances and views were offered freely and honestly. To the credit of those involved in the actual altercation, their respect for the movement had them willingly compliant with the judgement of the whole body at the GA. Ultimately, both parties were suspended from any Occupy activities and locations for a week.  

No one in the movement that I know whats to outlaw banks, eliminate corporations and confiscate the wealth of the so-called 1%. What I want, and what I hear from many, many in the movement, and which is consistent with the movement’s demands and actions is a vision of a better world.

Funny that too few in this nation question the idea of a draft for the military in a time of war. It is the responsibility of every citizen, we are told, to defend the nation in a national emergency. A few years a go I witnessed a swearing-in ceremony for new citizens to this country. Women, old men and grandmothers, their right hand raise, repeated the oath administered by a judge, that in a time of crisis, they too could be called to serve their nation. Yet, somehow the rich and powerful in this country now assert that when called to do their part, and that they have a responsibility to the nation, they are absolved, and that any mention of their responsibility to the nation and their neighbor is immoral or communist.

I will speak for myself here. I am not against corporations. I am against corporate greed, and power that eclipses, undermine or extinguishes that of individuals. I am for responsible corporations, who pay their fair share and profit and succeed morally and ethically. I am not against banks. I am against the religion of money, and the invention of scams like derivatives and credit default swaps that were just a way of stealing money, without calling it  theft(Explain to me that inventing a scheme to market risk investments of$700trillion based upon barely $23trillion in actual realestate is not theft). http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-700-trillion-elephant-room-theres

I am not for taking money from the wealthy and giving it to the “poor.” I am for a society that does not allow corporations-profitable corporations to siphon money from the treasury that could otherwise benefit fellow citizens in need.  I am for those who are lucky enough or blessed enough to be wealthy, that they also contribute their fair share to sustaining a peaceful, respectful and progressive society equal in the dispensation of justice and opportunity, rather than a stastus quo, wink-and-a-nod defacto caste society. 

I am not anti-media. I am against a media that acts and has become a marketing wing of corporations to the detriment of free discourse, dissent and the unvarnished reporting of wrong doing, wherever it may occur. I am against any media that acts as a mafia lawyer with the intention of allowing, rationalizing or whitewashing the undermining of this republic, and I am against a media that plays to the lowest common denominators in society by describing itself as a business first. We have seen the results of that alibi for at least the last two decades. Free and unbiased factual news is imperative to the survival of this nation and to the world. remember, marketing is nothing more than the controlling the message. If it is necessary to control the perception of something, that implies something needs to be hidden.

I am for human rights. Iam not for picking and choosing human rights, nor do I subscribe to a tiered application of human rights. Whether by god, birth, default or inheritance, human rights  are invioble to each person regardless of gender, orientation, religion, race, age, status or wealth. And I assert to the last breath in my body that corporations are not people, but are entities, made up of autonomous people, for business only, and that they are entitled to profit within the context of human-centered society and within the context of human-centered laws. The rights of the corporation reside in the indiviuals, and not as a collective that unfairly outweighs others.

This is what I believe, and what I find within the movement, which is why I have and many others have sacrificed mightily for the movement. No sane person wishes to tear down the world as it exists. We want a better world not a new world? Do you?

Gingrich heralded for taking the high road in open marriage claim. Could have attacked and insulted ex-wife over ABC interview regarding admitted infidelities, but bravely chose to send his daughters to attack her instead. The good Christian former candidate, Perry, throws full support behind family values candidate Gingrich. Rebublicans now forced to choose between Open marriage and Gay Marriage.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when one filters biblical principles and morality through fear-based 2nd amendement rationalization, FOX News, greed and mafia-like lawyerly equivocation, and bases everything on a self-validating world view, as opposed to a self-evaluating and sel-sacrificing world view. Just thinkin’

Just In: Upcoming Republican Debate Schedule

Just in to the 900poundgorilla 2012 presidential campaign watch desk:

With three Republican debates on cable news networks behind us in as many weeks, cable providers are running quickly out of venues to hold future debates. As a result, other cable shows are vying for a chance to host  upcoming debates. below is a brief list of  soon-to-be scheduled debates, and where you can find them:

1. The What Not to Wear Republican debates- Stacey and Clinton challenge the candidates to fabulous makeovers, and pin them down on fashion dos and don’ts. Includes hilarious outtakes of Michelle Bachmann’s flamboyant husband berating her on pants suits, and a heartwarming segment with Ron Paul being fitted for a suit at a kids-r-us.

2.  Project Runway Republican Forum- Featuring the candidates, hear Tim Gunn say things like, “Candidates, you have 3 minutes to answer the question. The clock is ticking,” and “Ricky, is that the answer on Social Security that you are happy with?”, and “Mitt, time to break out of the box and make your answer to Obama-care, you’re own-you’re kind of all over the road.” Which one will Heidi tell, “You’re out. Auf weidersehn!”

3. The Mad Men candidate Flashback episode-In a dramatic dream sequence the candidates are transported back in time to Sterling Cooper where they are forced to debate 1960 politics while consuming copious amounts of hard liquor. It is 1960-the so-called good old days, so Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain will not be allowed to debate.

4. Kathy Griffin My Life on the Campaign Trail– Just one question here, and that’s whether Kathy can  get one out before launching a pithy and hilarious rant about Rick Santorum’s hair, Newt Gingrich’s fairytale name, dating, Lindsey Lohan, that one time on Red Carpet when one of the Olsen Twins barfed on George Clooney, a pissed off Rene Zellwegger and Kathy’s crazy mother.    

5. Housewives of New York City Debate the Issues-Forget the men, they won’t get a word in edgewise with this rabble. Let’s see if Michelle Bachmann can hold her own once the issues here turn personal and biting. Appletinis fly in this hair-pulling  and nail-scratching season opener.

Don’t miss a single debate. You’ll never look at politics quite the same!


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