Revolution and beer Reactionary of the week: Camp Emanuel, until he gets the message on Schools!

CT CPSClosing13.JPGThey don’t even bother to deny it any longer. Kind of like an old hooker in a prom dress, something isn’t quite right, but you just know what’s really going on here. City hall and CPS officials don’t even deny the Public school/Charter school swap scheme any longer. They don’t even touch the all too apparent scheme to break the back of the Chicago Teacher’s Union-a thorn in the side of the Money-Masters that the CPS and City Hall trollops in prom dresses submit to. And they simply disregarded how their supposed billion dollar shortfall suddenly turning into a $379 million Dollar surplus

The Chicago Public School board, Mayor Emanuel, along with far too many puppy-dog Mayoral butt-sniffing Alderman, like Rogers Park’s Joe Moore or Lakeview’s James Cappleman, are so bent over for their Donor Pimps that they don’t simply ignore the people of Chicago regarding school closures, they openly condescend to them. And so camping out in the hallways of some soon-to-be-shuttered school, clogging downtown streets beneath the Mayor’s royal chamber and disrupting the minion-like meetings of CPS officials fall on deaf ears and depleted souls. Those things, while helping to rally the community, fall on deaf ears to politicians and CPS board members who see constituents as merely reeds to be whipped by the shrill winds perpetrated by their cohorts in the media.

Community is important only as a means to their self-serving end for these cretins.

They will not get the message until this community takes the issue peacefully but resolutely to their doorsteps. When the mayor can no longer spirit himself from his La Salle Street Lair, or the CPS Board members retreat from their Clark Street chamber of disdain to the bubble of their protected neighborhoods, then they might have to take, let’s say, more acute notice of the actual desires and demands of the people of Chicago.

So the rampant and repugnant royalty ruining Chicago Schools has agreed to benevolently spare 4 public schools-for now. Certainly they’ll proceed apace once people allow themselves to become sufficiently distracted, or the combined onslaught by the City Hall-media-police grand alliance exhausts or discourages them into submission. You know, like all healthy democracies, in which the government dictates rather than listens. 50 schools will be axed to make room for under-the-table financial deals, like the southside rail yard, or for their intention to open new charter schools, creating a tiered education system relegating many students to poverty and subservient labor.

And, as an aside, how does it make sense that if 54 schools in Chicago are “under-utilized” that opening 60 charter schools solves that problem? Just asking.

Call it Camp Emanuel, Outpost Byrd-Bennet, Vitale and Ruiz-Villes and Fort Hines. They should hear the people of Chicago. They should be made to actually hear the indignation and outrage of the citizenry of this city-morning, noon and night. They think it is about their money, their politics, and their advantage. They are better than all of us by virtue of their lofty position, or so they would believe. Time to bring the oligarchs and dictators back to earth! Time to remind them that they are employees! Time to remind them that they have assumed a perversion in their assumption of absolute power that this community will no longer tolerate! Time to remind them morning, noon and night, at their clubs and bars, at their grocery stores and gas stations, at stop signs, and when they are taking a crap if need be. Not a moment’s escape or a minute’s rest until they hear us loud and god damned clear!

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