Stand Up for Uptown Action at Stewart Elementary

Graeme Stewart Elementary School, 4525 N. Kenmore Ave.

Graeme Stewart Elementary School, 4525 N. Kenmore Ave.

What: Press conference and march in support of Stockton, Stewart, and Trumbull elementary schools, and also in support of affordable housing that is under attack in Uptown and across the Northside. The march will point out key spots in the ongoing struggle for justice in the Uptown community.

Who: Families and teachers from the affected schools, residents of affected buildings, members of Northside Action for Justice, Uptown Uprising, Northside Save Our Schools, and other concerned community residents and activists. Food served by Food Not Bombs.

When & Where: Saturday, April 27, at the Stewart Elementary playground, Broadway and Sunnyside. Graeme Stewart Elementary School, 4525 N. Kenmore Ave. Press Conference and March beginning at 12pm, gathering at 11am

Why: While Alderman Cappleman works to push low income residents and social service agencies out of Uptown, Mayor Emanuel and his handpicked
Board of Education are plotting to shut down half the elementary schools in the

Policies like these are being pushed in neighborhoods all across the city, including a total of 54 schools slated for closure. This is nothing short of an assault on the poor and working class communities of Chicago.

But the people are fighting back! This will be a day of resistance and community building in Uptown.
Press Contact: Karen Zaccor, (773) 316-8852

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