49th Ward Rumor Mill. Joe Moore’s revenge against police commander? A New Charter school coming?

It is no mystery that Joe Moore is hanging on by a thread, and, but for some “assistance” from the Mayor, will likely, and rightly in this reporters opinion, not be re-elected. The picture is beginning to come together across this city of a policy from the Mayor’s office of purposeful gentrification to the detriment of poor, disabled and fixed income residents, and of a push to replace closed public schools with Charter schools.

The plan, confirmed by CTU president Karen Lewis this week at a speech at Northeastern University, calls for the opening of 60 charter schools in Chicago. That number is suspiciously close to the number of public schools slated for closing-54. One of those charters, an art school which will be staffed by artists, but not trained union teachers, the so-called “Orange” school, is slated to come to Rogers Park, despite an already active community effort to stop such schools. Then again, it appears as if Alderman Joe Moore is a good soldier for city hall.

And being a good soldier may have paid dividends for Moore. Notable in the 24th police district, previously commanded by James Roussell, and which overlaps the 49th ward, has seen an overall reduction in crime year over year. https://portal.chicagopolice.org/portal/page/portal/ClearPath/News/Crime%20Statistics/25_pdfsam_compstat_public_dateofApprvl_2013_week12.pdf

Roussell has been active with his officers throughout Rogers Park, engaging the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods with respect and sensitivity. But this reporter has noticed that at numerous protests the police have been absent or distant, a pattern which would seem to indicate that the police locally understand the assault on this community from City Hall and the 49th Ward office. Some weeks ago more than 500 community activists “Occupied” Moore’s front yard and porch on West Farwell after he refused to meet with community leaders over concerns, a pattern by the alderman who is frequently “out of town.” Not one policeman was present, or even drove past. My guess is the alderman was none too pleased. Did he ask that Roussell be reassigned? If so, what will that mean for the progress on crime in the ward and district, and for community leaders?

24th District Commander James Roussell

24th District Commander James Roussell

And last, Uncle Joey announced a benefit for committeeman David Fagus. Back in September, when we first heard about Mr. Fagus’ illness, we did everything short of begging Moore to join us on the radio show to say a few words about Fagus. Moore and his office did everything in their power to dodge us, and gave conflicting reasons for not coming on. he was out of town for one, had a previous commitment for another call, running his business for yet another call, and going to church at that hour!

Some years ago I knew a guy running a football pool. I’ll call him Manny. Apparently this Manny decided to keep all the money. As each person Manny owed money to came around that morning, he gave them different answers as to why he didn’t have their money. One guy, I watched, walked away, shook his head, came back and bought a second completely different story from Manny. So to Manny, I mean, Joe Moore, we are not buying any of it. Get a new story, and come next election we’ll help you along with our own community reassignment.

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