Occupy Chicago Schools! Rahm-zilla says closings are a “done deal.” An action plan for the rest of us.

20130327_170705Chicago’s Mayor refused to meet with protesters despite thousands gathered for a sit-in yesterday in front of Chicago’s city hall. Even the south American dictators of old would step out onto a veranda from time to time in an effort to placate disgruntled and outraged masses. In modern day America, so-called public officials dictate from behind closed doors, insulated fully from constituents they were theoretically charged with representing. Instead, the public trust is now a mere exchange mechanism for money and fortunes-a market side-step for corporate profiteers and influential individuals practicing their own sort of insidious welfare.

From the shadows of his office in city hall, protected by cordons of police who demanded proof to enter this public building(now apparently Rahm’s personal palace), he rebuffed the demands of thousands of Chicagoans. 20130327_170639

“It is the right thing to do,” he said in a statement, which likely passed through as many hands as an Osama bin Laden courriered message, “and it will happen.”

“It is a done deal,” the Windy City dictator decried.

“Nothing is a done deal,” Karen Lewis, President Karen Lewis, told this reporter yesterday moments before addressing the large crowd of citizen activists in Daley Plaza. When a network reporter asked Ms. Lewis why she would continue fighting when the Mayor-Dictate refuses to budge on the issue, she replied, “We’ll see what the lawyers have to say.”

And no doubt this will end up in court. But that is hardly enough against the powers of belligerence. behind the legal effort must be an army of the population demostrating the true power of the people. And here is the action plan for the rest of us.

Fill the phone lines to the Mayor’s office. It is a public number, and you have urgent business pertaining directly to the health and well-being of this city and its citizens! Close city hall before they can close our schools and disrupt the lives of thousands of children and their families. the solution to critically struggling neighborhoods is not to close schools and throw thousands of teachers, janitors, bus drivers and food workers into unemployment-which the tax payers will end up paying any for anyway in security for empty buildings, unemployment and potentially higher crime. So call them at (312) 744-0499 and let them understand your outrage.

Occupy the schools. Occupy the schools that are threatened with closure. Show them that these are the people’s schools, and the people will not abandon their children or their community as the Mobster-in-chief is doing.

Last, and this is extremly important, Expose the Tax Increment Financing scam(TIFs) that has already skimmed hundreds of millions of Dollars from property taxes across Cook County and Chicago. This private fund holding an estimated one billion Dollars was sold to the tax payer as a fund to support small business and industry in “blighted” neighborhoods. Instead, it has gone to line the pockets of wealthy friends and corporate donors such as Jewel/Osco, The Chicago Board of Trade, Target and other corporate power pals to the Mayor in affluent neighborhoods. 5 million was give to the Pritzkers (billionairess Penny was the last School Board President) to open a luxury hotel next to McCormick Place. Really?

This sipphoned money, and arguably stolen money, is fully under Rahm-aggedon’s control, without oversight. Peeling it from the tax base robs the public schools of their much needed support. Rahm garners a great deal of support from charter school interests-which are private entities designed fully to suck cash from public coffers-it was never really about better schools or competition to help children.

Stand up and fight now. This is your city if you want it, or would you rather a corporate feifdom in which you are a slave? The time is now. If not now, when? If not you, then when?

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