Gun Pornagrapher Wayne LaPierre: Gun lies and fantasies on Meet the Press

Sometimes I wish I was on the Right. I wouldn’t have to use facts, and could say dumb things to discredit people to a Neanderthal audience like, “La Pierre? that sounds…FRENCH!” The audience would gasp, evoking all sorts of fictions and cartoons conjured by the media, and emboldened and colorized in the heads of idiots. But alas, I am a Progressive, burdened with that, um, whatchamacallit, truth and reason, both of which were sorely missing from the conversation on Meet the Press yesterday. I learned long ago that corporate comes to issues either out of supreme obedience to one of the three mega-corporations owning better than 90% of all news and media content in the United States, or they tease the issue to placate guests and sell commercials in some vaudevillian political theater.

I will correct one misstatement I just made. Not everything LaPierre said was a fiction. Here’s what he said, couresty of Meet the Press, which I believe in my heart to be the truth:

Here with me now in the studio, Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association. Mr. LaPierre, welcome back to the program.

Thanks, David, good to be with you.

After that, well, you be the judge…Warning, the text has been edited for intelligence. The link to the full transcript is at the end of the article.

All right, but let me ask you about background checks… 90% of Americans want universal background checks. Here is this survey from Quinnipiac this week. Among those people who own guns, 85% support. Are you thwarting the will of the American people by standing in opposition to universal background checks?

No, not at all because here’s the thing: The whole thing, universal checks, is a dishonest premise…Criminals aren’t going to be checked.

And a drivers license doesn’t stop car thieves! More from the Frenc…sorry, LaPierre…

…The shooters in Tucson, in Aurora, in Newtown, they’re not going to be checked.

Because they are now dead or in jail…

But why not try to create a system where you could have a better opportunity to trace a gun that was used in a crime, even if it’s not 100%?

They want to take this current mess of a system and expand it now to 100 million law-abiding gun owners. Every time a hunter wants to sell a shotgun to another hunter in Kentucky, every time a farmer wants to sell a rifle to another farmer, they want to make them go somewhere.

Like everytime you sell a car? And cars are actually good for something. Our retro-evolutionary friend continues..

Where are we go, down to a Walmart? Is Walmart going to want to see them walk in the door? The local police station, are they going to want to do it?

Ummmmmmmm, yeah.

But isn’t that preferable to a big loophole where you have 40% of sales, private sales, one on one where you’ve got no ability to trace it?

Here’s the loophole: Society, the H.I.P.A.A. laws, the mental health laws, the medical records… You and me, and our names are going to be in the system. There is going to be a list created; that list will be abused. Some newspaper will print it all. Somebody will hack it. There will be a registry. Obama’s own Justice Department says they want a registry on this thing.

Wow, in LaPierre’s paranoid fantasy, he’ll trash doctor/patient confidentiality in favor of irresponsible gun owners, criminal dealers and gun owners who sell to criminals, and gun pornographers. More than 80%, according to the FBI of guns siezed from criminals were purchased legally, and most often given to the criminals by the “legal” gun owner or dealer. See this is the inconsistency of the Right. Weren’t they just arguing about how the government needs to keep out of their healthcare?

We are working on a bill right now that will hopefully at least get the records of those adjudicated medically incompetent and dangerous into the check system that applies on dealers.

Half of all Americans, at some point in their life will be clinically diagnosed with some form of mental illness, depression from the loss of a job or a spouse, post-pregnancy depression, mild bi-polar disorder, A.D.D. Even among those suffering from more acute mental illness, less than 3%, there I go with those FBI facts again, commit violent crimes. Most of their crimes deal with attempting to self-medicate with various substances due to lack of health care…

You’ve opposed the assault weapons ban. There will be a vote on this, separate from the main bill…

And here’s why the whole thing doesn’t work. It was lied into law ten years ago; it didn’t work. The studies show it didn’t work. Anybody that knows anything about firearms knows that the AR-15, which uses a .223 cartridge, this is the very low end of the power spectrum of rifle cartridges. Every round that deer hunters use is more powerful: .243, .270, .308, .2506, 7 millimeter. This whole thing about the fact they’re machine guns, they’re different, they make bigger holes, they have rapid fire; it’s all a lie…

Sad that the children, some of whom were shot 11 times, and partially dismembered at New Town didn’t realize that…

Do you know where Chicago ranks in terms of enforcement of the federal gun laws? Out of 90 jurisdictions in the country, they ranked 90th. Why doesn’t NBC News start with, “Shocking news on Chicago. Of all the jurisdictions in the country, Chicago’s dead last on enforcement of the federal gun laws”?…I’m talking about drug dealers, gangs, and felons that are walking around with guns in the street, and you don’t do it? You bear some responsibility.

Did LaPierre just call the Chicago Police incompetent and soft on c rime. Hell, they beat up Occupy protesters for curfew violations, and shut down civil liberties in the city during the NATO protests. Now the NRA says they just let gangs walk arounfd with guns?

All right, we’re going to leave it there. Wayne LaPierre, always appreciate you coming on and taking my questions.

Yes, we’ll have to leave the NRA virtually unchallenged in the media…

Thanks for having me.

And thank you. The American people are the ones who have been had!

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