Dennis Prager: A rant on what the Right doesn’t know

…so this condescending, voluminous seat occupier of right wing insipidness acts this eternally put-upon soul, as if searching for the tool to add a new loop to his white-pretend privileged belt, as if someone again has hidden his hemorrhoid ring makes a living to an audience of equally banal and uniformed retrograde righties exploring the world of the Left(breath). Every anecdotal news story trudged from everywhere, no matter how obscure or how universally human is evidence for Prager’s paranoid and whore-ish self-fellatio on how liberals and progressives are steadily assailing and degrading his over-stuffed fat white guy world.

…but Prager is a fraud, regularly blasting elitists on the Left, and constantly berating universities and learning institutions as cauldrons of liberal dogma, only to pause regularly to dick-whip his zombie audience with his self-professed brilliance. Prager is often heard to stop at some random self-musing and instruct his producer to write that gem down for further exploration. I had the chance to listen to him in the middle of the night, amid a snow storm, waiting to pick up my wife from work.

Pro-war and a gun pornographer, Prager has never worn a uniform or been to war, unlike yours truly. Doughy and flimsy both in body and mind, Prager blathered yesterday about the weakness of America, due entirely to liberals and progressives, citing the cancellation of 1100 airline flights for yesterday’s snow storm. He mocked the decision, saying, from his sunny Los Angeles studio, that the storm was only forecast to bring 4-6 measly inches.

The storm last night caused at least one death and numerous accidents. Prager’s flippant remarks are further evidence of the inconsistency of the Right’s broad spectrum of corrupt and immoral positions. Witness, this cartoon of a man was among those who decried the death of a diplomat in Libya, and who calls every fetal bundle of cells a cute little baby. Where is his concern for life now? Wherever it is, yesterday, as with most days, it took the most distant back seat to his political propaganda and theater.

The danger of the Right is not in what they know, it is in what they don’t know, and that is monumentally huge! It is also what they offer as insight and fact to an otherwise blissfully and defiantly uninformed audience. Prager’s comments are illustrative of stunted, caveman ignorance that was once the prime domain of circus idiots. The storm was a prime case in point, and the comments should land Prager as king of the circus idiots, but then, given the field on the Right, there is daunting competition!

The storm forecasted 6-12 inches, but was downgraded a bit around Chicago to 4-6 during the day on Tuesday. O’Hare airport this morning officially announced receiving 9 inches. It was a fine snow, with strong gusting cross winds, near the freezing point. Having spent many years in the airline business, that creates a potent mix, which was a factor in the Air Florida crash in Washington in 1982. Deicing operations, particularly if they have to be repeated, are costly and time consuming and ultimately drive delays.

Those delays resonate. The greater the delays, for snow, deicing, visibility, winds etc, the greater the ripple through the system nationally and internationally. Gates need to be cleared. Runways and taxiways must be plowed. Hard to land a 747 on top of a plow truck, Prager. The more flights, delays and airports affected, the greater the chance for cancellations chaotically cascading through the system. Airplanes can’t get to the next airport, and crews can’t get to destinations to fly planes.

The airlines have learned, at last, to get ahead of much of that and minimize the overall impact. In the old days, and I’ve witnessed it, not being proactive to a weather event meant days of chaos, both for the airlines and passengers. So no, Mr. Prager, this isn’t the sissification of America by the Left. This is progress and evolution. But those things require knowledge and insight, which is something you apparently are deeply lacking.

I have asked Prager to respond to this, but I can rest assured this tough guy in an easy chair will chicken out on this one as well. Why draw attention to his foolishness as long as those who wish to reaffirm their own ignorance are content to tune in and listen to their sad echo chamber of idiocy each day. Will Prager challenge me on any of this? I will debate him anywhere and at anytime, and as respectfully as I can muster in the face of obtuse positioning or blatent ignorance. Let’s see if he takes the challenge, yo know, like a real man…

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, that felt good.

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