Revolution and Beer… of the week. Pandora’s Bock by Breckenridge. A brand new element


What is it about that first sip of cold beer? Just as soon as it hits the back of the throat. There isn’t a wine, or liquor or a soda that offers that same little rush of coolness that sweeps through your chest and down into your arms and, if the moment is just right, brings the slightest shiver. This is wholly the domain of beer, with that bitter end at the back of the throat and just enough carbonation flowing across the tongue. It is as if for just that magical moment, a new element was discovered. Let’s call it BEERium?

But Beer-ium is a truly unique element. I mean, Hydrogen is just hydrogen. There are isotopes of various elements, but at the end of the day, they’re still just the element. But beer, or Beerium, comes in almost infinite hues and styles and types. There is a whole universe of beer to be explored Take, for example, Pandora’s Bock by Denver’s Breckenridge Brewery. This cof…

Okay, I need to pause here a moment, for those who think that every beer reviewed by Revolution and Beer is tantamount to an advertisement. Truth is, I don’t have much time for rating the beer that I don’t like, or find, well, a giant yawn. I sample a half dozen or so different beers each week(Someone’s got to do it!) What I do want is to highlight beers Brian and I enjoy, and offer the best possible description for the reader.

Breckenridge is a case in point. I did not enjoy their Christmas seasonal, and no one ever heard about that. There was no point, and we had a whole bunch of really terrific seasonals this year to recommend. So Brian and I moved on, suggesting our favorites. So to say I was a bit skeptical opening a bottle of Pandora’s Bock was an understatement. I really had no expectations, which is what made that first taste so special.

This coffee-hued bottom-fermented Bock, at a heady 7.5% ABV swam part way up the chalice as I poured and the head came together aggressively. It grew to a modest 1/3 of an inch, offering a nutty chocolate aroma. The first taste, leaving a loose and casual lacing, reflected that initial impression, bolstered by nicely balanced smooth hops and a bit of fruitiness. The gentle bitterness of 4 types of blended hops and that fun carbonation falls against the back of the throat, bringing that little rush, and a little shiver.

But there is danger in Pandora’s Bock, as the name would indicate. I generally sample one or two of a certain type of beer for each review. Once I opened the first bottle, the second followed quickly. I might have opened a third, owing to Pandora’s ancient seduction, but with all my might I resisted, saving the rest of the show. I guess that means that if Pandora’s Bock was a member of the Beer-ium family of new elements, it would be dangerous for it’s temptation.

For this one, though, I wouldn’t remain tempted long. Revolution and Beer follows the seasonal arc of beers, and the Bocks are only available a short time longer. Breckenridge says until March. A few will make it to April. The best will have to wait until next year, and Breckenridge will be among the best on my list. All hail the new element!

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