Send a Happy Frackless Valentines Day to Illinois Gov. Quinn, Speaker Madigan, AG Lisa Madigan and Senate Pres Cullerton. Here’s How.


Please send a Valentine to Illinois leaders and important Climate Crisis actions coming up this week, Here is what you can do…
This Valentines Day, Let’s love up the IL Leaders with a Frack Free Valentine!

Please cut and paste this Valentines Day note below about Fracking and send it to
Gov. Quinn, Speaker Madigan, AG Lisa Madigan and Senate Pres Cullerton .

Copy and paste to the Gov here:

Cut, Paste and Change the name to Speaker Madigan and send here:

Cut, Paste and Change the name to Senate Pres. Cullerton and send here:

Cut, Paste and Change the name to AG Lisa Madigan and copy and paste here:

Dear Gov. Quinn,

We are counting on your love for all of Illinois to keep fracking from poisoning our water, destroying our farmland, sickening our neighbors, killing our cows, causing earthquakes and leaking methane enough to add greatly to the looming Climate Crisis. Do you love Illinois enough to make the right choice for all of Illinois,
not just the frackers?

We are the IL Coalition for a Moratorium on Fracking and we are asking you to think with your heart on this subject. Regulating fracking is essentially impossible. Where is the army of regulators who are going to go out and make sure that thousands of wells are not leaking and spilling, and thousands of trucks full of toxic, radioactive waste water are not illegally dumping? (In Ohio there is one enforcement staffer for every 2000 oil and gas wells and they can not keep up. In PA there are 37 inspectors to 64,939 active wells, regulatory oversight is so weak that 666 environmental health and safety violations were reported in 2011, .)

Please slow this fracking down, allow Illinoisans the opportunity to see that you are doing your due diligence in Springfield. We are supporting SB 1418, the Hydraulic Fracture Ban, but it is really a moratorium on fracking and a 2 year investigative Task Force. Show Illinois that you care enough to do your homework and listen to the science, rather than accept some back room deal with the industry, please support SB 1418. remember that studies have shown that fracking will create far less jobs than the industry reports, and most of them will be temporary jobs. Only 1.7 jobs/well per the Food and Water Watch report, “Exposing the Oil and Gas Industry’s False Jobs Promise”, and 1 of those jobs will probably be an out of state fracker, who comes into the state temporarily and leaves when the wells are fracked.

Also the AFL-CIO released a letter in May, 2012, expressing serious concerns for worker safety on the frack fields, you may read the full letter here:, here is an summary:

“Fracking Exposes Workers to High Levels of Silica and Other Health Hazards
Ja-Rei Wang
If you work in the hydraulic fracturing industry—better known as “fracking”—you may be exposed to high levels of crystalline silica, putting you at risk of developing silicosis, lung cancer and other debilitating diseases, according to a letter sent today from the AFL-CIO, Mine Workers (UMWA) and the United Steelworkers (USW) to the top federal safety agencies.

The letter highlights a recent two-year National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) assessment, which found that, among those exposed, 79 percent of samples for silica exceeded the NIOSH Recommended Exposure Limits.

Silica sand is a major component of the fracking process. The sand is mixed with large volumes of water and chemical additives and injected under high pressure by drilling into shale rock. Massive quantities of sand are used and workers are at risk of high levels of exposure during multiple points of the fracking process.

In addition to the health hazards, workers in the oil and gas extraction industries face high rates of fatal occupational injuries. Between 2003 and 2009, there were 27.5 deaths per 100,000 workers, a rate more than seven times higher than the fatality rate for all U.S. workers. ”

In addition the water usage of hydro-fracking is off the charts, in this drought prone state we must save our water for farming and not for fracking. The climate scientists tell us the drought will not ease up much in the future, we can not waste our most precious resource for a few temporary jobs.

One of the worst problems with fracking, which is not addressed adequately in any regulations, is that methane has been found to leak from up to 60% of the fracking wells over time, contributing greatly to global warming. How much methane leaks during the entire life cycle of unconventional gas has emerged as a key question in the fracking debate. Natural gas is mostly methane (CH4). And methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than (CO2), which is released when any hydrocarbon, like natural gas, is burned — 25 times more potent over a century and 72 to 100 times more potent over a 20-year period.

Bill McKibben of has said that, “We have to actually start leaving carbon in the ground. If we follow the business plans of the Oil and Natural Gas companies, then the planet tanks.” His “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” article in Rolling Stone last year lays it all out for us,

Fracking is a dangerous distraction to our green energy future. Surely building IL wind and solar power generation is a way to affect positive job growth, that is truly sustainable.
Our future generations in Illinois, who will not benefit from any of the short term gain from fracking, will certainly notice that Illinois lawmakers played fast and reckless with Illinois water, land and air, please keep them in mind as the fracking debate continues.

Please love all of Illinois by doing your due diligence and support SB 1418,
a Moratorium on Fracking with a Science-Based Investigative Task Force.

Your name, group , City and web address:

Sent to you by the
IL Coalition For a Moratorium on Fracking

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