Today is the two year anniversary of the freedom and democracy protests in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Egyptian activists, inspired by their Tunisian brothers and sisters, gathered to press for reforms. The Egyptian government of Muhammed Morsi responded with hypocrisy and police. The West, which talks loudly about freedom and democracy responded with silence.

imagesToday, across Egypt, freedom and democracy protesters gathered in strength on the anniversary of the occupation of Tahrir square to continue the work for reforms that brought down the Mubarak government. Critics accuse the new government, led by President Mohammed Morsi of coopting the revolution, and not following through with the reforms demanded by millions of protesters and reformers.

“We are protesting against the fact that after two years of the revolution,” a protester told the BBC, “where we asked for bread, freedom and social justice, none of our dreams have come true.”

Those protests, along with Tunisia and Algeria helped inspire the protests in Madison Wisconsin, and later the Occupy Movement. Internet activists around the world rallied to maintain a link with the Egyptian activists when the government all but shut down social media and internet access.

It was social media that arose as a threat to the Mubarak government, highlighting police and military brutality. The Egyptian revolution was inded a global revolution, awakening internet activism, invigorating a universal demand for freedom and defining social media as the true voice of the oppressed, and revealing the so-called traditional news media as the tool of the oppressors.
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