Unemployed(sort of): a Diary-day 8, A slow start is still a start

Excuses, excuses, but it seemed the week through everything in the book at us. First Rocco, and then our two primary computers going down, but this is precisely the time folks are at their most vulnerable. It isn’t enough to simply throw money at the issue, as in the back of my mind is that whole rainy day thing. The time to start thinking critically about budgets and necessary expenditures is well before that final day at the office. Ana and I began slowing down on our spending well before Christmas, mapping out strategies and contingencies. I was concerned about the loss of one computer, but our back up laptop(say that fast three times) was a real blow.

Most of us have been through tough times. I can’t think of a more difficult time in my life than when Ana first got here from Europe. To say it was a struggle was an understatement, and it it seemed as if the world was bullying us. It seemed as if the world was intent on destroying us, for all the trials and calamities that came our way, including a tire coming off the car while we were driving. The world wasn’t conspiring against us, of course, but when your back is to the wall every challenge becomes a moral one.

We’re in a far better position to weather these storms now. Not that I’d like to necessarily press that luck. This time our nearly new Honda is paid for. We’ve got assets to lean on, if worse comes to worse, and I like to think we’re a bit smarter. I know Ana is. I hope to hell I am.

My job skills and experience have certainly grown. I benefited from working in the IT field, doing logistics for a major airline, and innovating an industry alongside an awesome team. Indeed, innovation and communication were cornerstones of the job. Working in real time with stations and costumers around the planet required precise management and communication skills. There is an art to issue resolution and working to goals and deadlines, in which millions of Dollars hang in the balance across oceans, continents and among diverse and different cultures. With media, social media, broadcasting, publishing, I have a great deal to offer an employer. Now the key will be in finding that best fit for them and for me.

But the preparations for a proper job search can be immense. I think that’s why I found the national conversation on the country’s debt these past two years sometimes ridiculous. As the nation plunged into the dark and uncharted abyss of a very manufactured financial crisis critics decried taking the nation into debt to stem the damage to the overall economy. Sometimes it is the only thing to do. I’m first to argue against that foolish notion that the country should be run like a household. It isn’t a household, and besides, the people who say that talk in platitudes about their checkbook, and how dutiful they are to pay the bills monthly to balance their account. Somehow they forget they probably have a car note, a mortgage and more, and if they don’t have any of those things, they are among the very few and aren’t a part of the real conversation.

For the job I want, it is going to cost us something up front. I’ll have to chance a little debt for a few new and contemporary suits, particularly since I’m about 30 pounds, much leaner and in far better shape that I was for the 4 suits I could swim in now hanging in the closet. I’m good on ties, and thinking about an interview-ready pair of shoes. The computers, or at least one of them is imperative for a modern job search. Luckily it was fixable for not a great deal of cash, but I was very seriously prepared to spring for a new or rebuilt system. Funny that we have all heard the old saying, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” It is true. All those partisan geniuses in the media and government somehow missed that old adage.

So earlier today I got off the first serious queries to prospective employers. There were just two. They were based off a tip from a friend. I did the requisite research on both, using industry acumen building an argument why I would be right for the position, highlighting pertinent experience and background for each cover letter, and tailoring the resume to each position if necessary. That final detail, I think, is a weak spot for a lot of job seekers. The cover letter is viewed as this malleable tool, but all too often it is as if the resume is written in stone. With a bit of computer know how, a bit of copy/cut and paste and alignment knowledge, a one or one and a half page resume can be reworked in 10 or 15 minutes.

Tomorrow, the importance of maintaining a schedule, and the best recipe for perfect sweet potato fries…

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