Sold Out: The Fiscal Cliff fraud and the next big Social Movement- Revised and updated

There’s good news-sort of, and bad news. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. 

Only a fool believes that the Dems and Republicans are really in some sort of great ideological battle to save your current tax rate, no matter where you are on the income pile. That fate is already decided. It was, well away from the public eye. The indications were there some time ago for all to see, if only they were interested in looking.

Dick Durbin was the first, following the election, to reveal that the Dems were more than willing to cave in. He grudgingly met with protesters who built a Herbert Hoover-style shanty town in the plaza below his downtown Chicago office last month. The activists dubbed the shanty town “Durbinville.” A report Sunday on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes said that the agreement had all but been signed, and that politicians now only had to figure out how to position their own images. Another report just before Christmas described the advantage of taxes going up for everyone  after the first of the year because both parties could then be the champion of lowering taxes back towards their current rate. This time they can target more precisely their individual constituents as a means of  strengthening their base. Anything they do now towards the current rate, without actually returning to that rate,  they can tout as a tax decrease.

Further, Obama offered, and continues to offer cuts in “entitlement” spending, like medical assistance for the poor, 2 billion in cuts for school lunch programs in poor neighborhoods and an assault on middle-class tax exemptions, like the critically needed homes tax deduction. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all on the chopping block. as for promised military cuts, the defense budget is so perversely bloated that the token cuts-and they are very token-will barely be noticed. Did you know that Military contractors, paid with your tax dollars make hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year virtually tax free. That is welfare, but they won’t feel cuts, only poor folks on welfare will face cuts to benefits needed for their survival.  

And they played this game during the Christmas and New Years holiday when most people were thoroughly distracted in their narco-shopping consumerist stupor, and paying little attention to politics. The fix was always in. The two sides are just jockeying for the optimal position to take their share of the spoils and cash. The American people were pawns and dupes all along.

But the good news, sort of, is that the American will  quickly feel the pinch. Most will remain wedged in their easy chair slobbering down a bucket of fast food while scouring the cable channels for the latest on Kim Kardashian’s vagina. They will be outraged, but complacent, flipping over to CNN, FOX of MSNBC where pundits will give them tips on how to cut corners, be happy doing without or to live on their newly strangled family budget. If they complain, the pundits and politicians will wave the flag, accuse them of being anti-capitalist and raise the national song of just how great America is. The rich will parade their filth and wealth on television, by dangling low paying jobs or through the modern-day vaudeville show of politics.

But a hand full, likely students, some unemployed folks, the poor, minorities especially and others will decry this perversion of greed and betrayal by the government and the governments money masters. From the embers of movements before, like Occupy, or groups still waging the war for justice and equity in this society, those disenfranchised masses will discover the seeds of a new movement only months away from this night.

Mark these words. from the first true thaw, as winter falls away from the nation, that new movement will arise. It will arise will stunning speed and power. At first the powers will be taken aback, but then their knives will come out. The FBI, DHS and local law enforcement will prove themselves  tools of finance  and power rather than servants of the people. Stand fast friends and let them feel the weight of a nation. Occupy was the proving ground. Let’s have the real struggle for the soul of this nation commence. For now I’ll call it the “Take Back the Spring   movement, but the true footsoldiers and architects of that movement will decide ist’s real name. Just know that it will come.

Stay tuned…

Thanks to Chris Geovanis for updates and corrections.

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