La Fin du Monde: A toast at the end of the world

So at the post-show meeting for the radio program the other day for the radio program on WCPT in Chicago, we were talking about the end of the world program this coming Sunday, December 16th. We’re coming up a couple days short of the Mayan prediction for the apocalypse on the 21st. Guess I’ll use that time to get caught up on some mischief. I figure there isn’t nearly enough time to atone for all my past sins, and heck, some of those sins I’m quietly proud of. Not all, but a few. I survived ‘em, I figure I get to brag a bit about ‘em a bit. But what to do before the end of the world? It has to be good, but not enough to flub things up on the small chance the world keeps on going come December 22nd.

I was mulling that one over Sunday night when I cracked open a bottle of Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde,  a beer made by triple fermentation. Some years back I’d acquired a cherished tulip –shaped beer glass in Sarajevo. It was made for this Quebec-made work of art. Quickly the cool, almost Prosecco-esque aroma filled the room, giving me a moment’s pause from my mischief-making. It wasn’t thin as, say, Prosecco, this beer had a fuller aromatic smooth bouquet. I know that sounds a bit poetic for someone pondering pranks at the end of the world, but I’m making no apologies.unibroue-la-fin-du-monde

“Oh my god!” my wife gasped. She is not a beer fan at all. A good glass of wine is her vice. But that first breath of La Fin du Monde caused her to turn suddenly.

I was holding the glass up to the light. It was trying to look through poured gold, the light sweeping around the edges. “That’s something, isn’t it?”

“I want to taste that,” she said.

We both shared that first taste, as if it was a discovery; and it was. La Fin du Monde was perfectly balanced, with soft fruity notes, and just the perfect carbonation without becoming distracting.

“I would drink that,” she said, reluctantly relinquishing the glass.

“I know, but you can’t.”

“That’s like fin du awesome,” she remarked.

“And that’s fin du silly,” I replied. “And I am putting that in the review.”

“No you’re not!”

“Oh, it’s going in, baby.”

Truth of it is, if the world is about to end, I can’t imagine a better beer to end it with. That’s not arrogance, but if the world is crashing …or fading to a close it’s best to make a statement, which brings me back to the prank.

The post-show sort of train of consciousness ran through everything from a Zombie apocalypse through the Left Behind series, which I confessed that I hadn’t seen yet.

“Dude, you have not seen the Left Behind movies?”

“Should I,” I replied.

“They’re mostly crap,” came the reply, “but they are done well enough to be fun.”

“So this is what I’m thinking, then,” I began. “What if on the 21st we go to the house of one of these people who believe we’re all going to get sucked out our clothes in the rapture and fly to…where ever. We drop some outfits up and down the sidewalk, shoes and everything. And when they come out we look to the empty clothes, up at the sky and then accusingly to them and ask them, so what did you do? ”

“That’s funny, but cruel,” someone else remarked.

Ah, it’s just spit-balling. If the world is really going to end next week, better to go quietly and with a good beer. And as the sun sets for the final time, raise that glass of La Fin du Monde with friends and make a toast to the end of the world. And then, when the sun rises again on the 22nd, and it will, so much the better.

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