we seem to being going to war with a poorer and poorer quality of cartoons. Colin Powell in the lead up to Iraq at least had soothing colors, shading, nice strong lines, dynamic compositions, and an overall good use of space. He put time into the cartoons that led to probably better than a hundred thousand Iraqis dying, 4000 plus Americans and trillions of wasted dollars. It’s like Netanyahu didn’t even try. A circle in black marker with a fuse on it. By the quality of the cartoon, can we guess that this will be a smaller war, or are they so massively blowing the marketing budget on war preparations because this one will dwarf Iraq by comparison?

We fell for this…



…are we really going to fall for this?

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W.C. Turck is a Chicago playwright and the author of four widely acclaimed books.His latest is "The Last Man," a prophetic novel of a world ruled by a single corporation. His first novel, "Broken: One Soldier's Unexpected Journey Home," was reccommended by the National Association of Mental Health Institutes. His 2009 Memoir, "Everything for Love" chronicled the genocide in Bosnia and the siege of Sarajevo. His third book "Burn Down the Sky" is published exclusively on Amazon Kindle. It was in Sarajevo at the height of the siege where he met and married his wife, writer and Artist Ana Turck. FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS News, the Chicago Tribune and The Joliet Herald covered their reunion after the war. He helped organized relief into Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. Turck has been a guest on WMAQ-TV, WLS in Chicago, WCPT, WBBM radio, National Public Radio, Best Of the Left and the Thom Hartmann show. He has spoken frequently on Human Rights, Genocide and Nationalism. In 2011, his play in support of the Occupy Movement, "Occupy My Heart-a revolutionary Christmas Carol" recieved national media attention and filled theaters to capacity across Chicago. He remains an activist to the cause of human rights and international peace. View all posts by 900poundgorilla

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