Won’t someone think about the chickens at Chick Fil-A


Thinking about this article, I was looking at a lot of different sources, as well as contrasting the usual-and frankly a bit boring- Left and Right perspectives.  Leaning  pretty left, I thought of going with the Gay marriage angle, and how the company President of the family-owned chain Dan Cathy has an absolute right to his views, but when he goes public with them, as he did, the rest of us also have a right to reply to those views. Should he be stopped from opening a business somewhere? The Right loves to wave the community standards banner. Well, I guess the community is speaking.

I could have gone with the, bigots and fools don’t get the luxury, nor do they have a “right” to hide behind religion when their words contribute to limiting or preventing the civil rights of others. I could also have pointed out that the Righties in the media are attempting to use this as a wedge issue in the election, because that’s all they have, particularly since polls have  Obama up above the margin of error against Romney in Florida and Ohio, both very key states. I could have but I didn’t.

I also could have pointed out that likely the real reason this is such a recurring issue is that I have heard and seen untold numbers of cheap-skate pundits mooching Chick Fil-A food. And these millionaire hosts complain about foodstamps and welfare??? This I believe is the real reason for all of the attention. It would have to be, since the Right cheered when the Geiko Insurance announcer some years back was fired for private comments about George Bush, or when they called for a boycott against the Dixie Chicks for speaking out against the Iraq War, or Glenn Becks attacks against the political actions of, say, George Soros. I mean, that Cathy and the family owners of Chick Fil-A have given millions to causes opposed to Gay Marriage. So that wouldn’t be hypocrisy on their part?  https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/405162/col-chick-winshape-990.pdf (See Part IX-A Summary of direct charitable donations)

But the single most important issue here is, and it is a question no one has asked yet: Does anyone care about the chickens? Apparently Chick Fil-A is as militant about banning Gay marriage as they are about producing more fried brown bland food. For a company whose name sounds and is spelled more like a bikini tax-preparing service than food service, apparently their obsession with all things chicken does not place a priority on flavor(I’ve eaten there). If you are going to kill something for food, at least have enough respect for the critters to make them feel special by making it taste interesting. But in all of this “great” debate no one has actually considered the poor chickens.

As for family values. Has anyone actually seen chickens make love. I spent summers on Iowa farms and never…or maybe I just blocked it out. I do know that chickens are hardly monogamous, and roosters are incredibly prolific without getting married to hens. And did you know a chicken doesn’t need a rooster to lay an egg? Sounds like the work of feminist hens! Or maybe God doesn’t care about chickens. I wouldn’t know, but his spokesperson Dan Cathy, owner and pundit for Chick Fil-A, might possibly let us all know, unless he’s, you know, a ch…ch…scaredie-cat. 


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