Perry, Poverty and Education: The numbers

 No opinion here. Let’s look at Perry’s numbers regarding poverty and education in Texas to see what a Perry Presidency might mean for America.

First, Perry used$3.25 billion in Federal education funds in a crooked sleight of hand to balance the Texas budget on the backs of taxpayers around the country. The funds were supposed to supplement Texas State education funds. Instead, Perry cut that same amount from the state budget, ignoring the federal guidelines regarding the supplemental funds. (source:

Let’s take a look at the results, by the numbers for poverty:

According to the 2010 Federal Census the Texas population is 25,145,561. Only 10% are above the retirement age, 45.3% are White, 12% black and 37.6% Hispanic. The median household income is$48 thousand, $2000 below the national average. 17% of Texans live below the poverty level, as opposed to the national 14.3% average. 79% of Texans graduated high school against 84% nation wide.

More than 500,000 Texas families, more than 3 million people, live at or below the poverty line. 80% of those have at least one person employed. Poverty rates are highest among Hispanic and black populations, and child poverty is dramatically higher in Texas against the national average.

193 of Texas’ 235, or 82% counties are above the national average for poverty, the highest of any state in the Union. 

Cowboy politics has not served Texas well.

The education figures are far worse:

One in four Texas school children face significant hunger issues. 

Texas is 49th in the nation for Verbal SAT scores and 46th in basic math.

Texas is 40th in spending per pupil and 33 in teacher salaries.

Teachers in Texas average $41 thousand per year against the $48 thousand average nationally. (Source: The National Education Association)

As Rick Perry tours the country promoting an idea that the federal government is broke, he and his supporters might do well to fix their own house first.Easy to see now why he did not secede from the nation as he mused back in 2009. For one he would have missed out on billions in Federal aid to decorate his state budget to give the illusion of balance and fiscal responsibility. Had Texas seceded, by the numbers above, Texas would be just another Third World nation and Perry a loud-mouthed two-bit potentate.

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